It’s Megan, Rhymes with Vegan

My name is Megan Burnett and I’m one of this year’s Anywhere reviewers. I’m a theatre student myself. I understand the crippling imposter syndrome rampant among theatre people. Let me be the first to say – big mood.


I’ve been developing my theatre practice for around five years. Over the last three years, my focus has been on stage management, production and dramaturgy. Most recently, I stage managed and sound designed Kelly by Matt Ryan, directed by Mikayla Hosking and Scott West. I also write regularly and study theatre and writing at QUT. 

What am I seeing?

I’m so looking forward to seeing some innovative indie theatre this year. Anywhere is all about experimentation and showcasing what’s new. I’ll be reviewing Gumtree Orgy officially, and some other shows unofficially on my own page. 

I’m a big feminist, and Gumtree Orgy caught my eye. Non-traditional theatre spaces are really exciting to me. I’m especially looking forward to seeing the use of space. I’ve also heard reports that the show explores women’s sexual agency in an interesting way; I can’t wait to see it first hand.

What do I recommend?

Some other shows of note this year are Within a Fleeting Moment and Contact. I had the privilege of helping produce Within a Fleeting Moment as part of Freshblood 2018, a student theatre festival. The concept has grown since last year, and my good friends at Interim Theatre are some of the most passionate theatre makers I have ever seen.

I also saw Contact last year as part of QUT’s third-year drama production. These talented women blew me away, and I’m sure they’ll leave you breathless too.

Take some time to soak up the atmosphere, and try to get to as many shows as you can. We are in for one hell of a time.

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