Inspect the unknown, reveal the concealed and experience a ghost story with a twist…


Inspect the unknown, reveal the concealed and experience a ghost story with a twist…

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After performing “Light Out Vol. 1, Ghost Stories by Candle light” in last year’s Anywhere festival. Nathan Schulz presents is back again to perform another ghost story at Ecclectica: Esoteric Books and Curiosities in West End; and this time the stories continue to be spine tingling. This year’s story will involve an intimate audience of 13 around a table, and their own imagination and involvement, within the world of the supernatural to help bring the show to life.

“There’s something especially haunting about a woman becoming psychotic as she recounts, by candlelight, murdering her mother-in-law” said Nathan, Director and producer of the show

Actresses Audrey Cadzow and Tahlia Jade, two Brisbane based performers, will be alternating the role of said woman each night; giving the audience two different and contrasting performances, of the same story and character, in a show that will also involves blindfolds, smell, shocks and surprises to enhance the storyline.

      “What we are attempting this year should draw the audience into an atmosphere of mystery and spine-chilling suspense, but in a fun but provocative way. Audience members will get the choice of both watching and thinking or listening and feeling, as their senses are also engaged, rather than merely being the observer in a detached way.” 

Intrigued yet? Without giving too much away the year will be 1965 and the audience are invited to portray guests of the Delamere’s annual dinner party, as the family Butler narrates an Urban Legend that happened in the store two years previous. An Urban Legend of an antiquities salesman who conducted an experiment on the ‘party’ – the audience- to see if they can discover the dark origins of a set of dolls, found in an abandoned house, and the aforementioned mother-in-law.

Although The Curiosity Experiment does come with a warning, as it contains some mature and sensitive themes if you choose to wear a blindfold and listen; or watch the experiment as it unfolds

“As the story unravels the audience must decide for themselves if our ghost ended her life because of mental illness or something more sinister? So I must warn potential audiences that, although it is never seen this show does involve some suicidal content.”

The Curiosity Experiment is being workshopped & rehearsed by Award-winning Director Nathan Schulz and his very talented cast and crew.