Infinite Skies REVIEW by M. Cross

Infinite Skies – REVIEW by M Cross.

Infinite Skies is a comic and cosmic collision: a Hadron “colliderscope” of creativity. Ten of Brisbane’s funniest improvisers took the audience on a sky-high journey. It was staged (I use the term very loosely) at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, which celebrates its 40th Anniversary this week. Although outside on Friday night on the lawn, the comedy and crowd kept us warm. 

The show was presented by Big Fork Theatre whom I haven’t seen in action before. They were an Anywhere Theatre award winner last year so I had high expectations. It began with an explanation of what improvisation was but the metaphor didn’t do the mayhem justice.  I wondered if anyone in the audience had inadvertently stumbled in, unaware what impro was. I imagine that they would have been very surprised, but in a good way. With shows around like Whose Line is it Anyway? and Theatre Sports I am guessing that everyone there was already a fan of improvised comedy.

The genre was sci-fi but the cast didn’t have a title for the performance until the audience suggested one – so no time to rehearse or prepare jokes in advance. We were asked to write down what sci-fi movie we’d like to see that hadn’t been made – YET. The winner was “I Found a Planet!” which became a TV human reality show – like Bachelorette, only entertaining!

We were led on a farcical romp through space and time. Creative freedom mixed liberally with toilet humour and robotic twists. Props were kept to a minimum (just a few cloaks and ray guns and one lonely hat) which was probably lucky after a wardrobe malfunction caused an unintentional slapstick-style trip. Contrary to the dialogue, the show was never naked or boring. I was impressed with the backdrops which kept pace with the rapid plot twists. A giggling good night in another galaxy.