In Flight Entertainment Review by Catherine Lawrence

One of the best aspects of Anywhere Festival is the opportunity to visit new spaces across Brisbane, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast… spaces which are literally ‘brought to life’ by the performers and creatives of the many festival Shows. So where better to have a little Inflight Entertainment than at the Queensland Air Museum?

Riley Cope (Writer, producer and performer) has obviously been on many flights in order to prepare this closely-observed and funny “high altitude musical cabaret.” The cast welcome passengers to the Emu Air flight (‘first class’ getting to be seated first), the crew of our flight to Bali discover that their colleague, Jessica, is not going to make it, and they all try to keep the news from their manager, Riley. Adding a little bit of spice to the mix are the lovable ‘Bogan’ duo (yes, Georgia Vella and Katherine Ernst are each in the cast list as ‘Bogan’ – as well as making appearances in the musical numbers). The three attendants are led by the experienced former-Qantas stewardess Patsy (Lucia Di Giorgio), and are often called upon to not only provide refreshments to the passengers, but to also lead a number of musical interludes (Peyton Cole and Ashleigh Lindsay join Di Giorgio in numbers that include Nine to Five).

Pictured: The cast of In Flight Entertainment at the Queensland Air Museum. Picture credit: Creative Futures Photography.

The Show follows the format of a musical revue, providing a vehicle for the multi-talented Riley Cope (he sings, he dances, he acts, and he can make you laugh): quite a bit of song and dance (often established tunes with some slightly re-worked lyrics), interspersed with some comedic moments and even the occasional pre-recorded video. But what is a flight without an in-flight movie option, after all?

Highlights included: the fabulous (and very funny) crew-member extraordinaire, Derek (Andrew Freeborn) handing out the obligatory ‘chicken or fish’ food options; Cope’s dance moves during the duet between Jessica (Cope) and the Air Marshall (also Freeborn); the Bogan pill-popping and upgrade moves; and of course, Patsy’s solo number with the cigarette. The crew clearly also had a lot of fun with the double entendre/slightly smutty opportunities for the pilot’s connection with Patsy (Pilot also played by Andrew Freeborn). And hats off to the production for having live music (led by Greg Crease on piano), and for having such a great set.

Pictured: Derek (Andrew Freeborn). Picture credit: Creative Futures Photography.

The Show is an enjoyable 90-minute addition to the Anywhere Festival program. For me it was at its best when parodying the flying experience. Perhaps a future version of the Show might benefit from the addition of a Director to the credits, and tightening up/shortening some of the musical numbers in favour of some more lines for Freeborn, Cope and Di Giorgio.

Having made the trip to Caloundra for this Show in the evening, I will definitely return to see the Museum during the day. It looks as it is worth a trip, even if the Emu Air team have departed for warmer climes.

Verdict: Travel always broadens the mind… an entertaining sketch show/revue.

Audience tip: Tickets for In Flight Entertainmentare available on the Anywhere Festival Website ($35-$45). The 90-minute Show has a very short run of only three nights (16 May 6:30pm only, plus 17-18 May, 2019: 6:30pm and 8:30pm on each evening). Arrive no more than 20 minutes before your scheduled departure. Drinks available at a donation bar. Slight smoke haze and some strobe lighting. Outside but under cover.

Catherine Lawrence, perspectives

The reviewer attended the Thursday 16 May 2019 Opening Night (6:30pm), Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra.

Pictures Credit: Creative Futures Photography.

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  • Diane

    Absolutely loved this show, have recommended to everyone, I laughed and laughed and came out “on a high”

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