How visual artists and galleries can be part of 2016 Anywhere Festival

In 2016 there are some big changes happening for Anywhere Festival so artists and galleries can take advantage of Brisbane’s most playful festival of discovery.

***If you know you want to register already, here’s the link to save you some scrolling.

This year 74,316 people attended Anywhere Festival and the most amazing thing about the attendance was that over 73% of ticket purchasers went to events they “wouldn’t normally go to” through discovering it in the Anywhere Festival program.

That’s why in 2016 we are loosening up the criteria for Anywhere Festival running 5-21 May.

No longer just performance anywhere but a theatre, Anywhere Festival is for locals and visitors to discover the nooks and crannies of Brisbane and experience festival activities and events they wouldn’t normally explicitly seek out.

We want people to be able to stumble across a range of activities. People looking for markets to discover performances, people looking for theatre to discover visual artists, people looking for installations to find workshops.

So, how can visual artists and galleries get involved? Simple.

I’m an individual artist or collective and want to be part of the festival.

You can hold a exhibition of your work anywhere. Coordinate with a gallery, at your own studio, house, local cafe or event at the location of an Anywhere performance.

If it is free, you can register for free with a suggested donation of $150 to help Anywhere achieve its mission to make performance a bigger part of everyone’s life anywhere. Registering will get you a listing in the printed program (25-50k print run) and your own online listing. We can also run ticketing if you want people to book in advance so you know when people are coming or want to limit numbers in 10 minute, half hour or full hour periods.

Make sure you register interest by 15 December and then have until 28 February to confirm all your details for the printed and online program.

What about galleries and spaces?

There are a few options for you. You can register for a listing that will provide details of the works being exhibited during the festival period and we can even manage the ticketing for an opening night.

You can also offer to host an Anywhere performance. If this is all you want to do, you can register and we work with you to broker an Anywhere performance.

77% of audiences had never visited the 2015 Anywhere Festival event location before attending the festival.

68% of those audiences stated they were “much more likely” to visit that business again as a result of their Anywhere Festival experience.

You can also do both the above and benefit from the audiences visiting your space to visit a performance who also get to see the exhibition.