Here we are at the first day of the very first Anywhere Parramatta. Alex and I want to say a big thank for being a part of the journey so far, and now to the fun bit!

We know this is the first Anywhere in Parramatta with a lot of challenges and learnings for us already, but we are really proud of the way you have been putting your shows together and the way you have embraced what we realise is a different way of presenting and producing work.

  1. Alex and I will be getting to everything we can, but please keep in mind that we can’t be at everything. This is sometimes dependent on the box office as we take the calls for all phone bookings and if they keep coming in, we stay on the phone instead of getting out.
  2. Any time you have a question though, just call us. We will be out and about quite a lot and might not be responsive on email – call or text is the best way to get to us with urgent questions.
  3. We know you are very busy, but do head to this link to find out about a few small things you will need to be aware of, particularly the Front Of House list and the dailies confirming your final numbers and if there were any incidents.
  4. Anywhere banners for collection and return are at the Old Peking Duck Restaurant and we also have two extras at our office in Annandale. either way, text or call first to confirm when you want to pick up a banner.

Also, don’t forget that as a participant you can get to any other show with capacity at curtain up. There are a few performances sold out at this time, but if in doubt, head to the web site and see if there is capacity by booking OR drop a line through the Facebook page to other participants. A list has also been emailed to you all with all the names of participants we are aware of for you to use to check.

Once again, well done so far, keep up the effort and we look forward to talking and seeing you during Anywhere Parramatta!

Paul and Alex