Frankie & Sal in Molten Rage REVIEW by Esther Dougherty

If you’re looking for a relaxed evening of theatre with a drink in hand look no further – I’ve sussed it. Frankie & Sal in Molten Rage is tucked away at Brisbane’s favourite, Junk Bar, giving you quality theatre on a budget vibes from the seating negotiation to the cardboard set. The title characters, played by the very funny Bec Redsell and Daria Smith, have gathered us all for another classic Frankie and Sal show. Only problem is Frankie is really really angry and can only be calmed down when she signs a deal with a bunch of lava to destroy things for her when she feels mad. And so the adventure begins.
The old “one performer doesn’t want to be there” gag was carried really well by the performers. In fact much of the show followed this pattern – classic gags rejigged and made new again. The writing was really self-aware and nuanced – references to things outside the show filled out the bigger picture of the Frankie and Sal universe – I don’t know why but I thought the “stonefish are everywhere” line was so funny, so perfect for the tone of the show. Interactions with the audience were handled really well, everyone felt very comfortable and welcome in the room. The relationship between the two characters is hilarious, very natural, and feeds really well into the format they’re establishing of episodic zany adventures. I’m very excited to see what’s next for the pair!

Frankie & Sal in Molten Rage will be on again at 4pm Saturday 19 May, 4pm and 7pm Sunday 20 May.

Reviewed by Esther Dougherty

Seen 16/05/18