Fragmented selves connecting to infinite others on the streets of Noosa Junction


Urban Twitters: Dis.connect.ed at Anywhere Festival 2019

Cesar Artero Genaro (Artistic Director)

Florence Teillet (Performing Arts Facilitator)

Priscila Barreto Da Cunha (Producer)


What are the consequences brought by this virtual world of experiences devoid of eye contact and touch? 

How are personal relationships being redesigned and reshaped? 

How are we becoming ever more disconnected simply by being more connected? 

Is there still room for direct human connection? 

How can minds and hearts connect/reconnect to what truly matters?

Are we becoming ever more disconnected simply by being more connected?  

These are a few of the questions that inspired D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective to create Urban Twitters: Disconnected, a series of devised “twitter performances”: 2-minute pieces on the streets of Noosa Junction – stories of love, hate, relationships, fragmented selves, connections and disconnections motivated by the life experiences of our performers, offering new perspectives on what it means to be oneself and the other in actual and cyberspace.  Each play brings something unique, be it humour, depth, sophistication, repulse, mockery, fear, or a poem – all honest and deeply inspiring.

By investigating and experimenting with connection and disconnection in different shapes and forms, D.I.V.E Theatre Collective will endeavour to transform and reconfigure the perspectives on what connects human beings to Place, Others and Self. It seems a paradox that, a world of ubiquitous access to communication, information and omnipresent digital “connections”, people are becoming more and more disconnected from the physical world around, the personal contact with the other, their own senses and from the very matter that makes one feel reassured and substantiated as a human being.

The chosen format works as an attempt to rebuild in actual space the experience of being oneself and other in cyberspace. The show will be developed as a collective creation by the members of D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective (Cesar Artero Genaro, Florence Teillet and Priscila Barreto Da Cunha) and performing artists invited from the community. 

Urban Twitters: Disconnected will be presented as a one-off performance on the streets of Noosa Junction during Anywhere Theatre Festival in May 2019, on the 17th May at 7:00pm. Tickets are $15.

This will be a wandering performance on the streets along Sunshine Beach Rd. The audience will meet the actors at the entrance of Noosa Junction Plaza, and will follow them along the sidewalk all the way to Noosa Junction Bus Station, where the show will end. Several 2-minute plays will be performed along the way in different places, including Arcadia Street. 

Urban Twitters is part of a two year-long project, called Project Dis.connect.ed, partly funded by Noosa RADF, which include a short documentary film, a few performances in unusual locations and a full-length play, planned for 2020.


We are a Noosa-based theatre group who create devised performances to fit in with the language of contemporary theatre, blending physical theatre, dance, literature, visual arts, music, digital media, philosophy and other sources into a unique piece that challenges the traditional format of a theatre play. 

Our performances are always a new experience for audiences and performers alike and usually take place in spaces other than a theatre. We aim to relate to our contemporary audience and discuss themes that offer new insights on our society.

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