Everyone’s Leaving Brisbane review by Jodie Sloan

Reviewer attended the performance on 23rd May.
Everyone’s Leaving Brisbane has now finished its Anywhere Festival run.
You can catch the performers at Big Fork Fridays in Paddington. More info here.

The last of Taylor and Rosa’s friends has just left Brisbane, joining a long list of people who have forsaken the River City for London, Barcelona, Sydney, Melbourne, Melbourne, and Melbourne. And, to be quite honest, the girls are over it.

Highlights of the two-woman sketch shows includes an impassioned sermon led by proud Brisbanite pastor Taylor Edwards, an important public health announcement from Rosa Sottile, and a few song and dance numbers that you’ll be humming all the way home.

At its heart, Everyone’s Leaving Brisbane pays loving tribute to Brisbane and the champions left behind. It’s a show for those of us that continue to endure the humidity, the ibises, and the taunts from our big city sisters. It’s funny, wacky, and surprisingly touching, as clips from interviews with the real-life friends Rosa and Taylor have lost to more exotic locations (and bloody Melbourne) play during costume changes.

Held in a Queenslander in West End, the show’s couldn’t be more Brisbane if it tried, and though the audience was capped at an intimate 15 each night, I fully expect this one to be one of Anywhere 2019’s greatest hits.

Review by Jodie Sloan (website)

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