Dream Girl at Anywhere Festival

Long legs and a body image hang up. “Dream Girl” at Anywhere Festival.

A dive into society’s expectations of the female body.


“Dream Girl” by Phoebe Hilton is presented by a collection of Brisbane creatives as part of the 2019 Anywhere Festival.

All her life, Dream Girl has been told how perfect she looks. Little did she know she was being ingrained with a deep fear that if she didn’t maintain her perfect image, there would be nothing to like about her anymore. Dream Girl is about a young woman and her social awakening, which leads her to discover that she has a lot more to offer the world than what she looks like. It is about claiming back your body from the clutches of society, and finding peace within yourself when you’re told to fight yourself.

Headed by Brisbane dancer Phoebe Hilton, the team behind Dream Girl is made up of four other Brisbane creatives: Sophie Hilton, Georgia Tatham-Joyce, Mercedes Woodrow and Jaya Fisher-Smith. All hailing from QUT, the group have performed together in various festivals such as Brisbane Festival, Sanctuary Cove Film Festival and Ipswich Festival, and are bringing to you the debut of a new work sourced from the depths of Phoebe’s brain and her experiences of womanhood out in the world.

“You can look beautiful and not feel beautiful and I think that is an important distinction to make. Everyone talks about how they want to look beautiful, but I think we’re using the wrong words. I think that what we really mean is we want to feel beautiful, and that’s something much deeper than how you look. Feeling beautiful comes from being at peace with yourself, which is something really difficult to achieve under a constant barrage of messages telling you that one very narrow standard of beauty is the key to a happy life.”

-Phoebe Hilton


Phoebe Hilton



Dates & Times: 

6pm Fri 10 May

6pm Sat 11 May

6pm Sun 12 May


Venue: Concept, 17 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley

Ticket Price: Pay what you want for a ticket

Duration: 30 minutes

Rating: 15+

Bookings: anywhere.is/dreamgirl

Image Credit: Jeremy Hensel