A team of Brisbane based creatives will bring New York playwright Edward Allan Baker’s Dolores to the stage as a part of this year’s Anywhere Festival, on Thursday 5-Sunday 8 and Thursday 12-Sunday 15 May 2016. 

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The upcoming production promises plenty of tension, tears, laughs and love from the unfolding relationship between two squabbling sisters that frames the play’s exploration of the crushing reality of family and domestic violence.

Producer and actor, Emma Skelton, said that despite all its grit and messiness, something beautiful and dignified manages to shine through.

“Under the sensitive direction of Catarina Hebbard, that simple need for love emerges as the hero. The women’s eventual salvation is their bond as sisters” Skelton said. “What would I endure for love? What would I endure for family? How many times will I let my dreams be crushed? These are the questions audiences will ask themselves.”

Dolores has received considerable support from local White Ribbon board member, Tim Class-Auliff, who has said “Dolores will be a standout voice against domestic violence on a theatrical front”.  The production is set to be a powerful piece of theatre that explores beyond the central theme of domestic violence to draw audiences into the two characters’ lives. The play’s limited season is to be staged in the Taylor King Gallery in Newmarket.

“We want to challenge audiences to think that the cause of family and domestic violence is deeper than the individual, and to change the way we all view people who live with violence every day. We’re bringing intimate theatre and community activism together,” Skelton said.

Skelton, who will play the role of Dolores, has gathered an ensemble of dynamic Brisbane female theatre-artists to stage the one-act play. Skelton is driven by her desire to create more opportunities for women in theatre in Brisbane by producing works such as Dolores.
Skelton is currently accepting donations to fund the production of Dolores via the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. Supporters of Dolores can donate via https://igg.me/at/doloresanywherefestival with various rewards offered upon donation.