Discover the Smooth End Of The Pineapple at Anywhere Festival

The Smooth End of the Pineappleis a comedy duo consisting of Matt Bell and Scot McPhie.

They perform intellectual fart humour in the style of an old radio show. Think of Monty Python crossed with Goons and you’re in the right zone.

All the accents, voices and most of the sound effects are performed live on stage in the show, with the remainder of the sound effects being pre-recorded and triggered by Scot as part of the performance.

Their debut performance was instantly hailed a huge success and they were named one of the highlights of the Brisbane Anywhere Festival in 2014.

They have since toured for the Livingstone Council, and performed in the Brisbane Fringe Festival, and other Anywhere Festivals in Queensland.

They have recorded 2 studio albums, and 1 live album.

At the Anywhere Festival 2019 they will be performing at the Sideshow Hub at West End on May 11th,12thand 19that 2pm.

Scot McPhie

0402 536 480

Matt Bell

0403 664 810

Sideshow Hub

349 Montague Rd, West End QLD 4101

0490 430 923