2018 Anywhere Festival Cool Facts

Because the 2018 Anywhere Festival is spread over such a large area and over different days and times, it is sometimes hard to notice the scope of it even when you re involved with part of it.

Here are some facts that we thought were pretty cool along with a few random ones to see if you’re paying attention:

COMEDY LOUNGE photograph by Cynthia Lee

      • The number ofproductions in the Sunshine Coast and Noosa went from 21 in 2017 to 36 in 2018, which means it is growing faster than the original Brisbane Anywhere Festival in the first two years from 2011 to 2012.
      • Total tickets sold as a percentage of total capacity rose from 81% last year to 87% this year. With slightly less shows than last year’s Queensland wide Anywhere and slightly less tickets available for purchase, ticket purchases still increased from 17,097 in 2017 to 18,204.
      • 86 non traditional performance spaces from homes to university space provided their spaces rent free to independent performers for the presentation of 313+ performances of 101 productions across Brisbane City Council, Sunshine Coast Council and Noosa Council.
      • 94% of audiences rated their experience as Excellent or Above Average.
      • The 101 show productions stated it would have cost $492,652 more to present their productions in a traditional theatre instead of presenting in rent free non traditional spaces at Anywhere Theatre Festival.
      • Between the launch and end of the festival, www.anywhere.is had 416,154 page view views with 156,837 unique visitors, up from 303,122 page views in 2017.
      • 74% of performances were sold out or one ticket away from selling out on the night.
      • 94% of participants said they would do Anywhere’s Festival again, up from 84% in 2017.
    • Pictured: Danielle Stewart. Picture credit: Geoff Lawrence, Creative Futures Photography.
      • 94% of participants also said they achieved what they wanted to achieve.
      • 61% of projects were led by or had a predominantly female creative team.
      • It was also a standard year for local and indigenous storytelling (Stories of Belonging and Storyplace – Mooloolaba) and for productions by differently abled groups including Spiral Arts, Screech Arts and Sunshine Troupe.
      • 83% of audiences would have stayed at home and not gone out at all if they hadn’t gone to an Anywhere Theatre Festival show.
      • Not a single ticket purchaser paid a “service charge” to book their tickets. We let people donate if they wanted and we carried the cost of bank and credit card service fees (which actually costs cents and not the $6.95 certain ticketing agencies claim they require per booking) and 996 people donated $3,208 instead.
      • 2,107 nominations for Anywhere Awards, up from 1,265 in 2017 when there were also slightly more shows in the festival.
      • Daily Planet Cafe has the record for hosting the most shows at nine (9), a record for any Anywhere Theatre Festival. Notable mentions include new venues University of Queensland, Mount Ommaney Shopping Centre and Queensland Maritime Museum with five, two and four respectively.
    • Gretel in the Great Court: Emer Rafferty (Old Woman) and members of the cast. Picture Credit: Geoff Lawrence, Creative Futures Photography.
      •  For everyone connected to local council, this fact is for you. There is no festival that presented shows in all of the following council wards,:
        • 12 Brisbane Council Wards ( Central, Coorparoo, Doboy, Enoggera, Jamboree, Moorooka, Paddington, Pullenvale, Tennyson, The Gabba, The Gap, Walter Taylor)
        • 8 Sunshine Council Divisions (Division 2,  Division 4, Division 5, Division 6, Division 7,  Division 8, Division 9, Division 10)
        • Noosa Council
      • Value of learnings for Anywhere participants increased from last year with over 93% stating they had learnings (Aha moments! through to some learning) in Creative Development, Producing and Career Planning. All categories increased from last year with no category below 80% from Marketing, Networking, Show Selection, Programming, Non Traditional Venue Brokerage, Risk Management, Public Relations, Front of House.