There’s a Coffin in Studio B at Anywhere Festival


Gold Coast director, Nathan Schulz, who bills himself as The Drama Merchant, is returning to Brisbane’s Anywhere Festival with interactive radioplay thriller ‘The Coffin in Studio B’.

The classic radioplay, written by Wyllis Cooper, first aired on radio on July 13, 1932. In the original recording, actors are rehearsing an episode when they are interrupted by a mysterious coffin salesman peddling his wares, with deadly results.

At the time of airing, people truly believed they were hearing someone die on the airwaves and, legend has it, the show itself is cursed.

Since 1932, no one has been able to recreate the creepy performance without courting death.

This is Mr Schulz’s third Anywhere Festival offering in as many years and the experienced director says patrons shouldn’t be scared off by the urban legend.

“Legend has it, no one has been able to complete the script since the 1940s without falling prey to the curse, but myself and the cast are going to attempt it,” he said.

“It will be performed in traditional radioplay style, with vocals and sound effects performed live – with some audience involvement.

“Think of a radioplay as an audiobook performed live, with an audio visual component,” Mr Schulz said.

The Coffin in Studio B even predates the hysteria that followed Orson Welles’s infamous radio broadcast “The War of The Worlds”.

“But perhaps the reason this show is not as infamous, is because people have been too scared to attempt it,” he said.

“The show may have some course language and frightening, supernatural themes, so it is recommended for mature audiences.”

The Coffin in Studio B plays on 20 & 21 May 2019 from 6:30pm at Indriya Restaurant, Metropolitan Hotel, Spring Hill.

Ticket from $17.50 at