Cheep Trill REVIEW by M. Cross

CHEEP TRILL review by M. Cross

The second performance in the Festival’s Friday Night Concert series, in the Dome Lounge at the Museum of Brisbane, was another winner. Following the talented trio “Sound Embassy” was not going to be easy but the community choir “Cheep Trill” was another crowd pleaser. The programme consisted of songs and poems by Australian artists (mainly Brisbanites as befitting the 100% Brisbane theme), or Aussie arrangements. Right from the familiar line, “out on the patio we’d sit” the hip choir had made the audience “laugh and think, this is Australia”.

This was the choir’s very first performance for Anywhere Theatre, and hopefully the first of many. About 50 choristers were conducted by Emma Dean and supported on guitar and ukulele by Tony Dean (who serenaded me in the lift at City Hall). There were about the same number in the audience as the choir in the intimate Dome Lounge.  

The musical journey had us soaring to an original lullaby called “Archie’s Song” and “Lifting Off” to a spoken word performance by local poet Paul Dobbin.  What a diverse and creative crew they are. The choir unveiled a couple of clandestine bands: “Ambition Road” took my “breath away” with a love song reminiscent of Richard Clapton; and the girl group was one of my favourite parts of the evening.

The rendition of Cindy Lauper’s “True Colours” by the colourful choir and two accomplished soloists, Helen O’Leary and Rose Gilmour, was “beautiful like a rainbow”.  More spoken word followed which were “conscientious, never pretentious”, and “mashed-up strange harmonious” numbers by Emma. What delighted me the most the obvious “unbridled joy of making beautiful harmonies”. When they sang together, nothing mattered except the music. But when the music stopped the magic carried on. Made me want to reach out and find my tribe of singers.

Friday 26 May – Songwriters in the Dome