Never enough time? Buy Some Time at Anywhere Festival

Buy Some Time – Press Kit


Buy Some Time is a solo, app guided experience designed to reconnect people with their surroundings and discover the beauty in the everyday. Created by Bec Redsell in collaboration with Tannlark Studios, it was first performed in 2014 for the Festival of Australian Student Theatre and in 2019 it makes a return for the Anywhere Festival. With performances in both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, this unique, intimate performance is sure to fill audiences with a  sense of wonder and is a must see at this year’s festival.

“Something that I love about this show is how it only comes to life through the engagement of the audience. On top of that, each audience member can help shape the experience for the next. Often this brings a little magic to the show that I couldn’t have prearranged on my own. I find that really beautiful. I would like to create more opportunities like this in future shows that I make.”(Bec Redsell, Creator and Producer)

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Photo credit David Trafford

Bec Redsell – Biography

Bec Redsell graduated with First Class from the BFA Drama (Honours) at QUT in 2014. During her undergraduate studies, she worked on designs for Brisbane Festival and Queensland Music Festival. She enjoys creating detailed and complete journeys for audience members across a range of artistic mediums, and applies that passion to each new work.

Bec is the Creator and Producer of Buy Some Time.

Tannlark Studios – Biography

Tannlark Studios is an indie development team based in Brisbane since 2017. They have previously worked on app store games such as Flop Fish, and host an annual MakeJam event. Their mission is to develop original, fun & stylish games independently and with clients. Tannlark Studios are the Developers of Buy Some Time.

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