Bring Anywhere Theatre Festival to your door!

Anywhere Theatre Festival is all about making performance happen anywhere outside of a traditional theatre space. If you have a place you think would be perfect for a performance, simply list it for our participants to consider.  

Our new and easy to use registration system called Anywhere Theatre allows you to list your house or business with a few details and a pic or two, so you won’t  have to leave your front door to see a show in this year’s Festival.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s free and you can use it now. Best of all, we take all the headaches of hosting away from you, especially if you’ve not done this before.

How does it work?

  • You provide your space rent free
  • A show is performed at the place of your listing
  • For you, the show is free of charge (performers earn money through the box office) (link to a section that talks about how the festival is monetised, how people are paid)
  • You’re able to meet new and interesting people/ your business is exposed to potential customers

Sign me up! 

  1. Head to the Anywhere Theatre website 
  2. Search to see what’s in your area and what other listings look like.
  3. Click on Add Listing.
  4. Select the FREE Venue Registration.
  5. Fill in the details, include some pictures and select the types of performances you are interested in and the days your place is available
  6. Preview and then confirm your listing.

Once your listing is live, all performance queries are directed to Anywhere Theatre Festival, so you’re not inundated with calls.