Volunteer With Anywhere

Want to build up your photography portfolio with some very interesting set ups or get tix to the festival in exchange for writing reviews? You’re in the right place.

Be an Anywhere Reviewer

Want to see as many shows as possible at the Anywhere Festival and write about them?

Anywhere Reviewers get free tickets as many shows as they can humanly review. Guaranteed seats for sharing your experience on the Anywhere website. All reviews will have your byline and link back to a social media account or website.

All reviews are published on our website and in previous years the reviews have been the second most visited section of the web site…. after the ticket booking page.

Check out some of the wonderful work from reviewers in previous years.


Be an Anywhere Photographer

Want to build an events photography portfolio?

Anywhere Photographers capture all the action. Rehearsal and backstage shenanigans, show night spectaculars, and of course the audience’s reactions. All photographs are attributed and linked to your social media or website.

You maintain all rights to your work, but Anywhere gets a limited release to use the best shots in Anywhere promotions in future years.

Check some of the imagery from past Anywhere Festivals, RIGHT HERE.