Interested in helping to produce the festival or being front-of-house for a show? Maybe you’d like to build up your photography portfolio with some very interesting set ups or get  tix to the festival in exchange for writing reviews? You’re in the right place.

Volunteer With Anywhere

Interested in helping to produce the festival, helping out local performers, meeting new people and getting a taste of the festival.

If so, sign up or email us with your contact details, CV and what you would like to get out of being part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival in your town!

As well as helping out local and travelling independent artists taking part in the festival, it gives you the opportunity to check out other shows during the festival.


Be an Anywhere Reviewer

Want to see as many shows as possible at the Anywhere Theatre Festival and write about them?

We offer free reviewer tickets to a select number of Anywhere Reviewers for as many shows as you can humanly review!

All reviews are published on our website and linked to your own website/blog. In previous years the reviews have been the second most visited section of the web site…. after the ticket booking page.

Check out some of the wonderful work from reviewers in previous years.

SIGN UP HERE or email us introducing yourself and what you’d like to get out of being involved in the festival.

Be an Anywhere Photographer

Building a photographic portfolio and looking for some subject matter? Anywhere Photographers capture live action shows, backstage shenanigans and anything connected to the festival that you want to capture.

We organise with you and the event producers for you to photograph what you want before and during the festival. Upload to our Facebook page and link people to you to your portfolio to build your reputation.

You own all your work and we simply ask to be able to use your images in future, all properly credited and permission sought where required to use your imagery.

Check some of the imagery from past Anywhere Festivals, RIGHT HERE sign up below or email us and introduce yourself to us and what you’d like to get out of photographing for the festival.