Step into the Basement at Anywhere Festival

Step into the Basement…

Discover the secrets of the basement this May with the premiere of Brisbane’s new all-female psychological drama ‘Bea in the Basement’.


Bea is on her way to university when she is kidnapped and locked in a basement with Gia.

Who has taken them? A mysterious man upstairs.

Why are they there? They have no idea.

How will they survive? The only way is for them to stick together.
With just a few boxes of cereal to eat the women know their time is running out and a plan is needed… NOW!
Prepare for a wild ride of revenge, survival and friendship.



For years, you couldn’t see a piece of media without hearing about how a woman had been kidnapped and imprisoned in a ‘sex dungeon’. With the surge of interest in crime documentaries recently, ‘Bea in the Basement’ brings what audiences are craving on Netflix to life.

‘Bea in the Basement’, looks at a scenario that haunts women and explores what hope there is to be found in a seemingly hopeless situation. It is important that women’s stories are told with their voices and that is why the focus is on Bea and Gia. Who took them is irrelevant and his name should not be remembered; the women’s lives he is destroying should be.

“My work has a strong female focus and the goal of my art is to create a wider range of roles for the women of Brisbane” says writer/director Victoria Posner, this is the second piece Posner brings to Anywhere Festival; last year she was at the helm of female-led comedy ‘Here Comes the Bride?’.


Saturday 18th May 2pm & 6:30pm at SunCentral Basement, Maroochydore

Friday 24th & Saturday 25th May 7:30pm at Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre Carpark


DURATION: 50mins




Written/Directed/Produced by: Victoria Posner


Sabrina Williams as Bea

Georgie Cufone as Gia


The production is supported by Brisbane City Council Visible Ink Youth Space and would like to thank SunCentral Maroochydore.

For additional information and interviews please contact Victoria Posner on 0423649932 or email