B Movies in a bar at Anywhere Festival

B Movies: Live – playing soon at Heya Bar

Do you love B-Movies, Schlock Horror and Cult Cinema?

This May, four actors will take the chaos of a low-budget “B movie” to Heya Bar for Brisbane’s Anywhere Festival – and they’re keen to get the audience in on the action!

From dinosaurs to Westerns, bug flicks to horror, each Sunday night show will feature different films! B Movies Live promises hammy acting, stupid stunts, hand-made special effects and audience participation prizes.

Rub shoulders with the cast before and after the show as they portray some of the greatest stars in the business – if you’re lucky, you might leave with a signed headshot or a bit part in the film itself! Help the cast fight dinosaurs, swat giant wasps and stake vampires – your props will be in your goodie bag!

B Movies: Live first came to life at the 2016 Anywhere Festival, playing a sold-out run at Padre Bar in a parody of sci-fi flop FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE MONSTER and a tour to Melbourne’s “Hot!Hot!Hot!” theatre festival. In 2018, the B Movies team took an October residency at Brisbane’s Bean Cafe with an all new lineup – playing a new double feature every night.

This time around, the cast will be performing triple features in a bold attempt to cover new ground while bringing old favourites to a new audience. New material will include parodies of the Hammer Horror classic DRACULA: AD 1972 and the little-known gem GODMONSTER OF INDIAN FLATS, a low-budget Western featuring an eight-foot mutant sheep. Old classics THE WASP WOMAN and VALLEY OF THE GWANGI will be set to return – as well as KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS…featuring over 200 plastic arachnids!

Featuring Willem Whitfield, Cecile Blackmore, Hannah Mason and Ben Kasper as a team of hapless actors doomed to breathe life into some of the worst scripts of all time. Brisbane’s “Prince of Retro” Kristian Fletcher will return as the Narrator – your guide to the madness unfurling before you. He’s he’s got film trivia, he’s got sass and he’s got a tonne of prizes to give out!

Come for their Hollywood Horror night, come for our Dinosaurs and Westerns, come for our Blood-chilling Bugfest – no show is the the same! And don’t forget to check under your seats! There could be candy…or there could be a fish person.

Written and produced by Willem Whitfield, Cecile Blackmore and Kristian Fletcher.

Reviewers said:

“Cult fun (Cosplay outfits optional)—a must-see for B-movie fans, and a fun evening for couples and groups.” – Catherine Laurence, Anywhere Festival reviewer.

“B-Movies Live! is one of those truly quirky productions that makes me proud to be in Brisbane right now.” – Nahima Kern, The Creative Issue