Arts Queensland answers questions about Queensland Arts Showcase

Arts Queensland ran an online Q&A on Facebook about the Queensland Arts Showcase Program on 24 November 2015 (Link Here).  We asked a few questions on behalf of Anywhere Festival emerging artists and here’s what they had to say

1. How suitable is the fund for artists presenting and developing work that aren’t in an environment where all people are being paid professional rates?

“The QASP fund is suitable for all art forms and if your project/program is seeking funds to support artist fees, you will strengthen your chances of getting funded by budgeting for and citing the relevant Industrial Award rate. If there is no Award rate for the art form, provide other relevant supporting evidence such as benchmarking rates of pay used by other organisations in the industry for similar work. Always provide supporting evidence rather than leaving it out.”

2. How simple is the application for emerging artists looking for smaller amounts (less than $2,000 to support a project) compared to someone applying for larger amounts?

“The application is the same for both the Ignite and Impact streams, where applicants can apply for up to $60k. The application requires more information and supporting documentation for the Illuminate stream, where applicants can apply for up to $100k. Even if an applicant is applying for a relatively small amount of funds, it will still be assessed against the same criteria for that stream as another application requesting a greater amount of funding. This means that it is important that you clearly demonstrate how your project responds to the selection criteria, regardless of how much money you are requesting. This approach ensures that all levels of Queensland government investment leverage a positive arts outcome for Queenslanders.”

3. Appreciate this is a new fund, but are there any application examples that have been put together? (One of the big things we have found is that the guidelines are great to be able to see, but what would be really useful is to see an example. Anywhere share’s our past applications with participants, but as ours are for an organisation, it doesn’t tend to give a good example of what is required when an emerging artist is looking for a smaller amount to support their work.)

“With regard to application examples, each application can vary in terms of the information provided to demonstrate how the project contributes to the assessment criteria. Arts Acumen has developed the Funding Application Writing Toolkit which provides tips for writing applications, assessor insights and advice, a checklist for responding to selection criteria and examples of various project budgets. This toolkit is available online: http://bit.ly/1SgxTpU.

If you’re in search of other resources, feel free to contact Arts Queensland‘s Arts Acumen team via email on acumen {@} arts.qld.gov.au, as they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.”

To find their responses to a range of questions from Queensland artists, head to the Facebook group (Link Here)