The Puppetarium

The Cedar Rose is The Puppetarium’s Covid comeback. From the puppet people who brought you Dying To Meet You, The Travelling Wunderkammer, The Donation and Diner en Noir, The Puppetarium is back with hand carved wooden puppets in The Cedar Rose. Two native timber puppets, Rose Wood and Red Cedar live different lifestyles; one a gentle tree dweller the other a tree feller. Join Rose on her daily foray into her sanctuary and Red whose ancestors have felled timber in the region for generations. One day their two worlds collide. The Cedar Rose is a tale of how an ancient tree brings them together, through joy and confrontation, towards mutual understanding. Set in the stunning Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve we invite audiences to enjoy the 45 minute nature walk prior to the Maleny performances. “Both enjoyment and an opportunity to be enthused. Wonderful, demonstrating the fertile imagination of local artists. The memories will linger.”

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