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Welcome to Hollywood – the playground of the rich and famous, where fortunes are made, virginity is lost and sexual encounters are many.
She was the sexual promise, the object of desire and once known as the most beautiful woman in the world. Her life reads like an erotic Mills and Boon story, a story of forbidden love, carnal desires, passion, pain and betrayal.

Set at the height of her career where history, politics and popular music collide, this is the tell-all tale of a young girl who became one of Hollywood’s most glamorous and provocative stars.

In the film-noir style of the 1940’s, featuring a score of re-imagined pop classics by Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and others, spanning themes from ecstasy and desire to love and murder, this voyeuristic exposé is no love letter to Hollywood. For every diamond necklace, every Oscar statuette, every fur stole and every fairy-tale romance, there have been equal parts scandal, melodrama, tragedy and woe.

An adultress, a seductress, a femme fatale – this is her story, this is her truth – this is ‘Miss Nightingale’

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