Anywhere’s Queensland-wide team

The one question Alex and I get asked most often is  “How the hell do you two produce a festival the size of Brisbane Festival with so few staff?”

The answer is, it’s not just us, it’s the small group of fantastic people who work with us as well as the hundreds of participants, businesses, volunteers and 90,000+ audience members that make Anywhere Theatre Festival the amazing event that it is today.

However, to accommodate the continued success of the Festival, we understand that we need to grow our staff. That’s why this year we have broadened the team’s skills and geographic location with Shirley Way (Kingaroy), working on media and councils and Dougal McLauchlan (Mackay), working on our Queensland activity beyond Brisbane.

You may also know that we will be doing our first ever Wollongong Anywhere Theatre Festival from 17-27 August 2017 thanks to major partners Wollongong City CouncilDestination Wollongong and Wollongong Central. For such a huge and exciting task, we have found someone (or they have found us) to take on the role of Creative Producer and lead the charge in Wollongong.

That person is Tim Monley (the guy with the glam head shot at the top of this post), a producer with a love of interactivity, playfulness and immersive entertainment. Coming from a street, outdoor and community theatre background, Tim has gone on to create ‘The Game’ for Woodford Folk Festival and has toured fringe festivals around the world.

“I love the idea of transforming spaces in which we wouldn’t  normally expect to see performances. It’s an honour being host to creativity and expression,” said Tim, “Anywhere Theatre Festival represents for me a way to integrate art with the world, breaking through expected boundaries and flooding the everyday with new possibilities and provides opportunities for imagination to flourish.”

Now when asked how we manage to be in Brisbane, regional Queensland, Geelong and Wollongong at the same time we can say, “Well, there’s a few more of us now.”