Venues and locations

Like Sam I Am in Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham you can perform in a boat, a house, in a box, in a train, in the rain, etal etal.

Anywhere participants have performed in basements, boxing rings, parks, walking along laneways, clubs, pubs, cafes, second hand furniture stores, backyards, lounge rooms, warehouses.

But where are you going to perform and what do you need to make it happen?


Where Can I Perform? (PDF)

How To Approach and Lock in An Interesting Space (PDF)


2018 Guide for Hosts (PDF)

Draft Introduction Letter (WORD) (PAGES)

Step By Step Guide FOR HOSTS (PDF)

Venue Agreement Template (WORD) (PAGES) (PDF)



This private web page (LINK HERE) lists all key venues that have listed themselves with the festival and are looking for acts. Please note whether the listing asks to approach us or if the venue is happy to be approached direct.