It is a condition that you include the Anywhere Theatre Festival logo as an identifier on any posters and print material to demonstrate that your show is an official part of Anywhere Theatre Festival.

The logo should be placed top right at a size that enables the festival dates and name to be legible. All uses of the logo online and print must be sent to Anywhere to confirm correct use..

Logo for Online PNG

Logo for Print EPS

Logo for Print JPG

Logo for Print AI

It is vital that you send a proof of any posters and leaflets for us to check.

Anywhere Theatre Festival provides the logos freely to artists for their promotional use but their use is subject to Copyright. What this means is that you cannot change or manipulate the logos in any way.

So, while you may use the logos in your poster/flyer advertising or even on your website, you must use them ‘as is’. You cannot alter or use any part of the logo in a different creative context other than the one in which it was originally designed.

This might include, but is not limited to: adding to the logo; taking a part of the logo and using it in a different context; animating the logo; changing the colour scheme of the logo, stretching it or modifying its dimension or perspective.


Check out the Program section of the Producer Pack for online and print image specifications at this link.