Now that tickets are on sale, editing (and deleting) of your job listing has been turned off. If you require changes, contact us at

There are two key things of interest to you:

Export a door list

The “door list” is the term we use for a list of all the orders made for your show. TO access it

  1. Click on SALES + DOOR LIST MENU in the pink menu above. It will open a new screen with a black bar down the left side.
  2. On the left black column, select EXPORT ORDERS. This will show you a screen with a lot of options. DOn’t panic. All you need to do is:
    1. Select a date range from 2019-03-01 to the today.
    2. Under Order Statuses, check it says  “Completed”. If not, type it in and it will pop up for you to select.
    3. Under Filter by Product,
      1. Check that “Export all products from the order” is NOT selected. If it is, it will list out all the other tickets bought when a customer bought yours. Potentially interesting, but confusing.
      2. Check that “Skip full refunded items” is selected otherwise refunded items will be listed.
    4. Under Product, delete any show not yours that is listed there..
      1. Then start typing a word from your show. Your show will come up.
      2. It may have several so keep typing it in to select them all. ie. Claw Machine has two products.
    5. The right fields should be selected in Set up fields to export, but check.
    6. In the end, it may look like this image. Click SAVE SETTINGS at the bottom, then click EXPORT and an Excel or CSV file will be created that you can use and sort as you want with the details you require.