Anywhere Theatre Festival a treat for locals (Frankston Weekly)

A huge collection of local talent and performers will take part in this year’s Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston, from August  22 to September 6. Head to Frankston Weekly to read more

Among the big events are:

I Knew These People by Raw Collective

Contemporary dance, physical theatre, drama, cabaret and comedy collide in RAWcollective’s I Knew These People to create an exciting, colourful tapas of evocative live performance.

The work promises to surprise, delight and intrigue, as a medley of separate, but somewhat interconnected stories draw you in and take you on a journey into the quirks of the human mind.

Audience members can sit back and relax, sip on a wine, and let the show unravel around them at the gorgeous Grand Hotel Lounge….or mingle and mince their way to the best vantage points. Kelly Nash, a local comedic performer has quite a following on the Peninsula. Her grandfather worked at The Grand Hotel bottle shop more than 60 years ago after WW2 and now Kelly will be titillating audiences there in RAWcollective’s I Knew These People with five other local Mornington Peninsula creatives as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston @ 7.30pm Monday, September 1 – Wednesday, September 3at the Grand Hotel.

To Be Determined by Jessica Moody

Diners at Frankston’s Eeny Meeny Café will be surprised and entertained by dramatic conversations at adjoining tables during the inaugural Anywhere Theatre Festival, August 28-31. The world-premiere of To Be Determined is directed and produced by local Jessica Moody that showcases four short plays about young people and the consequences of relationships, performed by three actors seated at a table in Frankston’s famous hip café. Doors open at 5.30pm at Eeny Meeny Cafe.

Peninsula Ferry Tails by Melbourne Madness

The Frankston public library will be a buzz as local performer Charlie Brown performs his hilarious family show Peninsula Ferry Tails. Ever wondered why Arthur’s seat is named Arthur’s Seat, or why Mount Martha is called Mount Martha? Well don’t ask the main character Frank Stone, he doesn’t know whether he’s Arthur or Martha!

This unique and hilarious plot sets the scene for this hilarious production, showing at the Frankston Public Library at 1pm on August 23, 30 and 31.

“Everyone has their own story,” says the show’s writer and producer Charlie Brown. “A large part of our story is the places we’ve lived and our interaction within their communities”.

It Sounds Silly presented by Chunky Move and Frankston Arts Centre

Directed and choreographed by Adam Wheeler. Through a collage of dance, sound and video, Chunky Move and the youth of Frankston explore childhood memories; such as the first time we remember hurting ourselves or what we feared and what we dreamed we would be when we grew up.

It Sounds Silly is a contemporary dance work that considers the way we see the world as children, how we understand the operations and functions of the body, machines and the wider universe. The free show will be presented at Wells Street Plaza Frankston. Friday, August 29, from 6.30-8pm.

Soapbox Poetry by Peninsula Poets

Peninsula Poets will perform two free 90-minute shows at The Anywhere Theatre Festival on Saturdays, August 23 and September 6 at 7.30pm in Cube 37 (Frankston).

Whether you are budding poet looking to network or just curious, Peninsula Poets will redefine how you view the written and spoken word.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Frankston Ladies Choir

From the beautiful and haunting Va Pensiero through to original jazzy arrangements, witty musical theatre songs,  and even rock and disco (think Michael Jackson, Queen & more!) – in glorious three-part harmony at McClelland Sculpture Park.

Don’t Be A Diva by Lucy Nicholson

An evening with CitiOpera’s Mezzo Lucy Nicolson in her finest roles as Epic Shrews. Supported by her long-suffering piano player the multi-talented-tasking Matt Hadgraft. This event will rock with the finest food and friendliest staff at Rocotillos, all in aide of local charity The House That Jack Built. A fundraiser is being held at Rocotillos Wells Street, Frankston, on Saturday, August 23, from 7pm starring Jack’s mum, CitiOpera’s mezzo Soprano Lucy Nicolson, and Matt Hadgraft of ‘Club Voltaire’ in a comedy show with music. Tickets $45 a head includes supper and the live show reminiscent of the late Victor Borge and Anna Russell.

Impromptu Impro 3 presented by Team Sue

A bi-yearly event now in its third season that raises money for Relay for Life – Team Sue. This is an event of improvisation similar to Who’s Line is it Anyway. A night full of audience participation, ridiculous accents, somewhat questionable technique and of course the occasional liturgical dance. The last two seasons have been performed to sold-out audiences in Cube 37, but Team Sue is delighted to bring it to the inaugural 2014 Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston. At Mechanics Hall, Frankston, September 6- and 7 at 8pm.

Periphery by Menagerie

Menagerie presents Periphery, a surveillance dance performance choreographed by Rachel Heller-Wagner who hails from the local area. Shift your perspective of what is it like to be left out as you become the ultimate voyeur on this interactive experience. Watch as this installation performance unfolds behind glass, testing the limits of what should be seen and not seen in public. An experience of light, movement and sound, immerse yourself in the feeling of alienation. At Just Ride It, 61 Wells Street, Frankston, from August 29-31, 5.30pm/6.30pm/7.30pm.


It’s 2087. A lethal biological plague has forced the people of earth into orbit. Jane has been sent to ground to document the artworks left behind, and test their recoverability. What she uncovers changes everything. On August 29-31, and September 5-7, at McClelland Sculpture Park, McClelland Drive, Langwarrin.

Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston features 76 performances between August 22-September 6 throughout the Frankston council area. For more, head to or call 03 9013 6443.