Like to get a complimentary ticket to see as many shows as possible at Anywhere Festival in Brisbane or Parramatta and write about them or take pictures?

Apply to be an Anywhere Reviewer or Photographer for Brisbane or Parramatta by Tuesday 21st April 2015 – see full details below.

Anywhere Reviewers

We offer reviewer tickets to Anywhere Reviewers for as many shows as you can humanly review during the festival!

All reviews are published on our web site which in 2014 was the second most popular section of the web site after the ticket payment page!

The scheme is aimed at people who are not professional reviewers and instead people who are wanting to develop writing skills and want the opportunity to check out as many shows in a festival as they can.

The scheme is also about creating a dialogue between the performers and reviewers to provide an outside perspective about their work.

We organise with you the shows to see (any shows except those including a dinner) provide a login to our web site and you upload your reviews within 24 hours for the entire Anywhere Festival audience to read!

At the 2014 Brisbane Anywhere Festival, the Anywhere Reviews were the second most popular part of the web site and were only topped by the ticket purchase page.

To enter, email anyone {@} us by Tuesday 21st of April with:

  1. your contact details (email and mobile)
  2. which festival
  3. a sample of your work
  4. and a paragraph about what you would like to get out of being part of Anywhere Festival

Anywhere Photographers

Building a photographic portfolio and looking for some fascinating subject matter? Become an Anywhere Photographer and photograph shows, backstage or anything connected to the festival.

Check some of the imagery from the 2012 – 2015 Anywhere Festivals right here and then email anyone {@} by Tuesday 21st of April with:

  1. your contact details,
  2. which festival
  3. a link to a sample of your work
  4. what you would like to get out of being part of 2014 Anywhere Festival.

* Image of Anywhere Photographer and legend Stuart Hirth provided by Stuart Hirth.