Anywhere Festival meets The Block

Local artists will attempt to transform an East Brisbane basement into a work of art. The team will present Boy†with†the†Rainbow†Umbrella†as part of the 2016 Anywhere Festival: a festival which encourages site specific performance.

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Ashgrove designer, Kaylee Gannaway will extend her skills by applying her experience in costume design to the set.

Gannaway will design two distinct stages for the show while staying within a budget of $500. If that wasn’t difficult enough, the house is a rental property, providing limitations on what can be done to the existing infrastructure.

“It’s like a temporary renovation…except I can’t paint the walls, or change the floor…or do anything,”

Gannaway states. “I’ve had to find ways to work around these issues.”

Keeping on a budget, some of Gannaway’s materials include: astroturf, milk crates, secondhand furniture and an assortment of household items. A lot of her time is spent transforming these basic objects into stylised props with the help of DIY websites and videos. Her most ambitious design (on a budget!) is to wallpaper a room using only calico, fabric paints and cornflour.

Boy with the Rainbow Umbrella is a political work challenging Queensland’s Homosexual Advance Defense: a partial defence that allows people accused of murder to claim they were provoked to kill by an unwanted homosexual advance. The defence has made controversy since 2008 when it was used successfully in Maryborough.

Gannaway’s designs, including bold black and white stripes, serve as a haunting backdrop to the show’s dark themes.

“I wanted one stage to compliment the harsh reality of our criminal code, with the other using bright pastels and a 60’s modfeel”.

Showing for five nights only, Gannaway invites you witness and interact with the set of Boy with the Rainbow



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Thursday 5th to Saturday 14th May @ 7:30pm

19 Heath Street

East Brisbane, QLD 4169 Australia

All tickets $22.00