Anywhere Festival call out for Mackay performers

Anywhere Festival are accepting Expressions of Interest for performances and events anywhere in Mackay and Isaac Regional Councils for the very first Anywhere Festival in the region, running from 13 – 22 March 2015.

Proudly hosted by Mackay Regional Council and Isaac Regional Council, Anywhere Festival is ten days of performances and events anywhere within the Mackay and Isaac Regions- comedy in cafes, opera in libraries, new plays in car parks, poetry in record stores, storytelling in parks, music in an alley, flamenco in a car park.

If there’s a name for it and it involves performance anywhere but a theatre, it can be part of 2015 Anywhere Festival.

Performers and producers can express interest through a free and quick online form at by 4 December 2014.

Full details and media release can be found right here IM Anywhere Performer Interest Version 1.

The festival has been running for four years in Brisbane and in 2012 was listed by QANTAS Travel Insider as one of the “Top Nine International Festivals You Must See!”

“We believe there is a better way for performers and producers than waiting for rare slots in theatres and losing life savings producing in overwhelming fringe festivals where there are more performances than audiences members and the entire budget goes on venue hire and paying for everything but the creation of the work,” said Paul Osuch, founder of Anywhere Festival.

Anywhere Festival will be a fully curated fringe festival featuring a mix of local and visiting shows and events in places you wouldn’t expect.

We are looking for productions that “bring joy to the nooks and crannies of Mackay and Isaac Regional Councils” by thinking outside the box.

“It’s about using existing spaces and focusing on the creation of performance instead all the superfluous and costly extras required by traditional theatres,’ said Paul.

“We want creatives to be at the top of the financial chain where they belong instead of having to accept the crumbs after everything and everyone else has been paid for.”

The freedom it provides performers is immense. Anywhere Festival performer Scott Wings received five star reviews and sell out audiences with his 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show Icarus Falling. “Anywhere Theatre Festival gives me the opportunity to explore my work in a high quality, supportive and extremely creative environment that is unique to performance art in Australia,” said Scott.

“You can perform on the river. Or a mountain. In a shed. A car park. Do you realise how great it is to remove those comfort zones of stage and lighting? The traditional audience/entertainer relationships? It hones your work. Once you’ve performed on a riverbank in the dark, man, a theatre space seems easy…”

Performers can sign up to find out more at and express interest in being part of the festival directly at For further details, contact us