Anywhere Artists at the 2016 Melbourne Fringe

This September it appears there is one place to find a sizeable chunk of Anywhere Alumni… the 2016 Melbourne Fringe. You’ll be surprised who and what you’ll see… Awesome Ocean Party by Giema Contini “This absolutely gorgeous standout production was premiered in the Musgrave Park Pool for the 2015 Anywhere Theatre Festival in Brisbane and you’ll find it downstairs […]

This September it appears there is one place to find a sizeable chunk of Anywhere Alumni… the 2016 Melbourne Fringe. You’ll be surprised who and what you’ll see…

Awesome Ocean Party by Giema Contini

“This absolutely gorgeous standout production was premiered in the Musgrave Park Pool for the 2015 Anywhere Theatre Festival in Brisbane and you’ll find it downstairs at The Butterfly Club from 20-25 September.”



Screw Loose – Emily Vascotto

“Emily won the Queensland RAW Comedy Competition and Short + Sweet’s Best Cabaret and Cabaret Artist in 2015. You might also recognise her name along with director Gabriella Flowers in connection to the amazing and sold out shows in the 2015 and 2016 Anywhere Theatre Festival’s – The Mayne Effect and The Tea Train Society.”



It’s My Funeral and I’ll Throw Glitter If I Want To by Isobel Marmion

“Isobel along with Jessica McKerlie (see below) were the first people to present the same show in Anywhere Theatre Festival’s in different states with People P**s In Here, presented in The Valley Pool Changing Rooms and the Connect Studio Change Rooms in Parramatta. Wee want to see Isobel’s latest project on the title alone ;-)”



Black Is The Colour by Deafferent Theatre

“Different Theatre is the latest project of the very talented Jessica Moody, who presented the sell out season of To Be Continued in the equally brilliant Eeny Meeny Cafe for the 2014 Anywhere Theatre Festival in Frankston. This production of a Daniel Keene play is presented entirely in Auslan and captioned English at the Fringe Hub from 24 September to 1 October.”



Tessa Waters: WERQ In Progress

“We had the pleasure of Tessa Waters back in the second Anywhere Theatre Festival with a series of shows in suburban houses around Brisbane. She was funny then and she’s funny now. Make sure you don’t miss here between 24 September and 2 October at The Courthouse Hotel.”



The Curiosity Experiment produced by Nathan Shulz

“The Curiosity Experiment was one of the most unusual experiences of the 2016 Anywhere Theatre FEstival, and we mean that in the best possible way. Any show that says it involves “audience interaction, usage of smells, touch, loud noises and things that go bump in the night.” has got to be experienced to be believed. 15-30 September at Wick Studios”



Gender Spanner – Jessica McKerlie

“Jessica McKerlie was one half/third of People Piss In Here with Isobel Marmion. Since then she has been touring this incredible show or comedy, burlesque and labels that just don’t stick (in more ways than one) is on 25 – 27 September at Hare Hole.”



Buried At Sea – Mark Salvestro

“Presented at the Southside Tea Rooms at the 2016 Anywhere Theatre Festival, Mark’s show is, as described by one reviewer, for “anyone who has loved and lost, has wanted to know more about the lives of the men who left Australia to fight in the Great War (and the women they left behind), or is currently looking for romance. 26 September to 1 October at Belleville.”



Paul Culliver – The Honeypot

“This funny man has more four and five star reviews than, well, any comic around with less four and five star reviews. Paul’s show Paul Culliver is the best newcomer was presented in an espresso bar as part of the 2015 Anywhere Theatre Festival in Frankston. It was a fabulous, funny and I’ll add ‘strangely endearing’ night in fear of possible repercussions for use of such a word. After the show I stepped out the front door and fell over in some roadworks. Paul’s performing 19-24 September at Belleville and they assure me there are no roadworks happening*.”



Love Letters to F##kBois and other woes of wayward women

“This show was impossible to promote. Not because it wasn’t popular – it sold out quickly at the 2016 Anywhere Theatre Festival. It’s just that when we used the title in our eNews it would get blocked, in a Facebook post it would get blocked and then when we used ## to obscure any ‘language’, Facebook would complain about the image. It’s a very funny show and anyone who disagrees can get f$$ked or write a letter, which may get in a future show. Check it out at Wick Studios from 15-21 September.”



Herd Of Elephants produced by Glass Wings

“This musical follows a year in the lives of a family of elephants: birth, mating, animal encounters, human encounters, poop-cam, and poaching. It sits somewhere between Lion King and Fiddler on the Roof and features Anywhere Theatre Festival actor Nilees Inisahus and Suhasini Seelin, director of Open For Inspection, an immersive play at the Chisholm from the 2014 Frankston Anywhere Theatre Festival. The audience is encourage to bring a camera… but no flash from 16 September to 2 October at SomaChi Yoga Studios.”



Player 2 written by Tremayne Gordon

“Player 2 is directed by Kristen Maloney of The Backyard Collective, a feature in the last two years of the Anywhere eTheatre Festival in Brisbane. Backyard Theatre Collective’s work has been described as ‘the most impressive pieces of independent theatre that I have seen in my life.’ by one reviewer. Who are we to argue. Go check it out at the Kathleen Same Library and Community Centre from 16 – 18 September.”



Architects Reborn: Arena Spectacular

“Anywhere Theatre Festival audiences may recognise Sampson Smith (right) as one of the key members of The Suicide Ensemble, who produced the incredible immersive experience Awful/Big Adventure at the 2016 Anywhere Theatre Festival and The Reality Event at the 2015 Anywhere Theatre Festival. Join here in Brisbane’s most influential, avant-garde, electronic comedy music trio, The Architects of Sound, as they kick-off their biggest and most explosive sonic experience yet – the ARENA SPECTACULAR from 24 September to 1 October at the Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club”

You’ll also be able to catch Architects Reborn at 2016 Brisbane Festival.


Spring Clean produced by RAWcollective

“Ru Atma and RAWcollective were behind two of the biggest sell out successes of the Frankston Anywhere Theatre Festival in 2014 and 2015 and we are so excited to hear that Spring Clean is up and happening at Cube 37 at the Frankston Arts Centre 17-18 September and Wick Studios from 22-25 September.”


Becoming Bette by Libby Scales

“Becoming Bette premiered at the Mackay Anywhere Theatre Festival, and this riotous fun one woman show has since had a fabulous recent run at Room To Play Independent Theatre in Brisbane to ensure everyone can find a little bit of their ‘inner Bette’ before the Melbourne Fringe starts for two dates – 10-11 September  at The Butterfly Club.”


* We may not have actually checked about the roadworks situation.