And the winners of the Anywhere Festival survey competitions are…

Thank you so much to everyone who filled out a post festival survey for the Parramatta Anywhere Festival and Brisbane Anywhere Festival!

We had a record number of entries for Brisbane (with Parramatta being the first time) and a lot of very good points made that we will be feeding into how we run the festivals next year.

There were many points, particularly  about made about how shows and venues are selected, how the festival is advertised and why shows that sold out so early didn’t put on additional performances. We will put up a range of points raised in more detail a little later on.

Parramatta Anywhere Festival winners are Rebecca R., Eseta R. and Mark T. You should have an email in your inbox about the t-shirt.

Brisbane Anywhere Festival winners are Laurie G, Rachel C. and April R. You will also have an email in your inbox about winning the competition.