And…. the inaugural Wollongong Anywhere Theatre Festival​ is over!

And…. the inaugural Wollongong Anywhere Theatre Festival​ is all over! Head to the Facebook Albums to catch photos that were taken and keep an eye out for more photos that we know will be coming. But also…

We’d like to first give the biggest awe inspiring thank to Laughter House Entertainment​ for making the hub at 32 1/2 Burellis Street possible. This was an incredible effort to not only organise the logistics around the space, erect and pull it all down, but to make it available for other shows and to also present Kiki Bittovabitsch​ and The Kiama Kabaret​. Thank you thank you.

To all the show producers Ian Steen,​ Adam Patrick O’Brien,​ Louisa Raft,​ Con voci Vocal Ensemble,​ Circus Monoxide,​ Myke McQuaid,​ Vestri Mendum,​ Liam Power​, Joseph Green,​ Juliet Scrine​, Illawarra Flame Festival,​ Wollongong Comedy,​ Shane LadyMoon​, Charlie J Truscott,​ Wollongong Playback Theatre,​ Dancers 4 Events – Thais Entertainment,​ Kiri Hoopers,​ Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts​.

To the venues including Wollongong Uniting Church​, Circus Monoxide, Wollongong Art Gallery,​ Wollongong Central​, Crown Street Mall Wollongong​, Stane Manor, Wollongong Yoga Centre,​ Wollongong Youth Centre,​ Heyday,​ Humber,​ Ziggy’s House of Nomms​ and the Laughter House Anywhere Hub.

To our partners including City of Wollongong,​ Wollongong Central and Wollongong, NSW, Australia (Destination Wollongong) without whom this project wouldn’t have been kickstarted in the first place, Catalyst – Australian Arts and Culture Fund as well as Scenestr.​ Illawarra Mercury​ i98FM​ as well as Arts Queensland​ for funding us as an organisation and allowing us to spread our wings beyond Queensland.

To photographers Sam St Jon​, Alicia Granci​ and Kirra McGoldrick​ for capturing the festival, to Sigrid Helland​ and Teegan Kranenberg for braving the weather as box office peeps at the hub. I’d also like to put a special thank you to Tim Monley​ for taking the reigns of the festival and making it a step up from what we have done before in other Anywhere projects.

As always, thank you to the Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited board: Doug Brimblecombe​, Helen Astbury​ Alex Podger​ Gary John McDonald​ Howard Duggan​ and Megan Lavender.

If we’ve missed anyone, it’s just because we’re having trouble tagging any more 😉

Finally, thank you to everyone who took a punt to come along and see performance anywhere but where it should be.. We look forward to seeing you all next year – stay tuned for announcements.

Paul – Anywhere Theatre Festival