And the inaugural Anywhere Award winners are…

Welcome to the inaugural Anywhere Awards!

The Anywhere Awards are our way of acknowledging a fraction of the outstanding work at 2016 Anywhere Festival.

Over the last 18 days there have been 420 performances across 63 locations (plus some) in Brisbane, Logan, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich.

This year has been amazing as well as the biggest in attendance, exceeding our expectations and the targets set when we were lucky enough to secure Arts Queensland Organisation Funding from 2014-2016.

How does it work? The Anywhere Awards are based on audience nominations. Audiences nominated a show and why they felt it should be nominated for an Award

Ally McTavish and I then looked through the reasons for nomination and tallied the entries per show taking into account the audience capacity for the show.

There is no “Best” production, script, direction, up and coming, actor in a comedic role, or bodice in a period drama.

Each show award stands on its own because of the impact on audiences, the artistic risks and the realised ambition of everyone who created these wonderful experiences: an enthralling story in a location that people can experience in no other way.

The order of announcements is random. It is not a countdown.


La-Sonata-del-Bar-Revolve-II-1-1-copyUnderground Ballads by El Telon Theater Company
Where: Club XOXO

Set in a time of political unrest,
a group of people meet in a Latin Bar
to secretly plot an attempt to overthrow the current regime.


  • Not just a show, but a masterpiece, involving politics, cabaret, drama, dancing, physical theatre, inspiring and thrilling us through it”
  • “Amazing! So cool and professional”
  • “One of the most ambitious shows during the entire festival so far. Fresh and multicultural.”
  • “A witty but very respectful interpretation of an important chapter of our history.”

“We are grateful that your art left a mark in people’s life in a positive way! Maybe not everyone is open to take part in artistic experinces, but those who get inmersed into the art world and witness the outcome are privileged; cuz their lifes have changes from there… El Telon Theatre we would like to express a sincerely thanks for those who have gave us a smile, a clap, a tear, a wink…  Thanks Anywhere Festival, Migrate, The Seedbed, Weelbeing for communities & Club Xoxo” Sebastian Roncallo R (El Telon Theatre)


Genius? Final ImageGenius? by Queensland Academy Creative Industries Theatre Ensemble
Where: Taylor King Gallery, Newmarket

“All the eccentricity, which I assert is ordinary, the incoherent exhibitionism, is nothing but the constant tragedy of my life.” – Salvador Dali

  • “It fully embraced the absurd and wacky aesthetics and ideas of the Anywhere Festival and was an absolutely inspiring experience. It made me want to see more of the Anywhere Festival.”
  • “This show was quite possibly the most remarkable piece of student theatre I have ever seen in my life. Their standard of performance and direction was well beyond their age level.”
  • “I went there not knowing the show was done by grade 12 students, I was blown away by their intelligent, creative and artistic ability.”

“We are honoured to receive this wonderful recognition. ‘GENIUS?’ is a collective synthesis and performative manifestation of our learning experiences over the past three years in the amazing institution that is QACI. As theatre makers, we all hope that this show and the Anywhere Festival drive home the strength of Brisbane’s artistic community, especially through recent adversary it has experienced. Thank you once again to the Anywhere Festival, we are very excited to see what the future holds for ‘GENIUS?’.”


12737119_10156618707940473_2074222176_oI Dated Batman by Tammy Linde Where: Golby’s Basement, Ipswich

Tammy Sarah Linde is currently single. And yes, she did date a guy who thought he was Batman. 

  • “Sassy, passionate, and downright hilarious. Comedic cabaret a its best”
  • My wife bought me tickets for my birthday. It was a hilarious show. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Which I w
    as quite impressed with as it was my first time at a one woman show”
  • “The performer’s relatable nostalgic fables had me in stitches with incredible laughter lock jaw. And had me reliving my own disastrous experiences.”
  • “The venue is a fantastic addition to the Ipswich scene. A cool basement space with remin
    ders of its days as a saddlery.”

“This award establishes another stone in the foundation for “I Dated Batman” as a viable show that will now see further development opportunities for both myself as an emerging professional artist and for this work that was so well-received by the community.” Tammy Linde


400by400Awful/Big Adventure by Suicide Ensemble Where: Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts, Kangaroo Point

Peter has put out the word: Neverland is throwing a party. And the Lost Boys… they know how to party. This May, Peter and the Boys are opening the doors to Neverland for a night of mayhem, mystery and a good ol’ dance – and you are invited.

  • They created an insane playground of madness and wonder with an experience that is unlike anything that I have experienced before.”
  • “One of the best pieces of theatre this town has ever seen. Progressive and experimental and a disturbing delight.”
  • “Absolutely brilliant theatre that could never be in a theatre. Thank God for Suicide Ensemble and Anywhere or we’d have to go to New York or London to see this.”

“We are so grateful to Anywhere Festival for enabling such a rich and diverse program of courageous and daring work. AWFUL/BIG ADVENTURE strived to immerse audiences wholly in a fantastical environment and encourage playful and adventurous behaviour. Above all, we thank our audiences, without whom our work could not exist or even function, giving themselves completely to a performance experience. We are filled with joy to know that Brisbane audiences can be empowered to assert ownership over creative processes and products and this kind of recognition from them (and the festival) is an honour.” Dan Gough


The Foxy Morons Present: I ♥ a Sunburnt C*ntry
Where: Hotel LA, Petrie Terrace

The Foxy Morons are an Australian tour guide legend, shrouded in mystery and disguised in infamy, much like drop bears, yowies and Sia’s actual face.

  • “The Aussie equivalent of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They sing, dance, play instruments, laugh at themselves and make jokes. What more can you ask?”
  • “Hilarious. Feminist. Unapologetic and bloody brilliant!”
  • “Delivered the kind of theatre you would want in a pub setting. More Australianisms than you could poke a steak with a side of chips at.”

“Every time we perform I ♡ a Sunburnt C*ntry, we sincerely doubt that anyone else besides the two of us think it’s any good. I guess that is the risk with this form of cabaret / satire / burlesque / clown / feminist / hot mess of a show. But to see people understanding our feminist message, hear them vocalising their opinions, feeling the injustice and outrage, but leaving with positivity and joy and determination and energy is just bloody” Xanthe Jones


gremlinsThe Gremlins by Bent Schematic
Where: Old Skate Arena, Paddington

A mischievous family of Gremlins are trying to fulfil their dream of flying by launching their very own 28% reliable budget airline.  The passengers are strapped in and the doors are closed. There’s only one problem…they haven’t finished building the plane.

  • “This show is absolutely incredible!! The stage and set, sounds, lights and effects are just brilliant. Out of this world for independent theatre!
    Especially in a car park. The actors blew my mind! This show definitely made me laugh until I cried!”
  • “A fantabulous smorgasbord of absurd humour, a crazed, almost alive set, and an oddly satisfying story.”
  • “Some of the best live theatre we’ve seen in a long long time…”
  • “Bent Schematic and Anywhere Festival, never again shall I step inside a theatre as long as you remain!”

“It’s a wonderful thing to be recognised for making bizarre outdoor theatre, and we’re not sure where we’d be without a platform as amazing as the Anywhere Festival to access new audiences in odd spaces. This kind of performance is challenging to present, but incredibly rewarding when we get to see people’s minds blown as they walk into a tent made of T-shirts and watch 4 green lunatics try to get a truck-plane airborne amidst a flurry of flying potatoes. No venue in their right mind would ever let us inside!  Bring on more exciting work outside the norm that challenges theatrical conventions and formats and makes people laugh at the same time! “ Alex Podger (Bent Schematic)


FTC-The-Train-Tea-Society-JPEGThe Tea Train Society by Flowers Theatre Company in association wiht Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway
Where: Swanbank Railway Station, Swanbank

In the midst of a Great War, one group of women will take matters into their own hands… The Train Tea Society is an exciting journey through the eyes of Australian women, living in Ipswich, amidst WW1.

  • “It was absolutely brilliant. It was my first live theatre show and will be one I will always remember. It has got me hooked on wanting to watch more theatre.”
  • “Innovative, all-female productions that challenge traditional theatre expectations. Such a unique concept.”
  • “Embodying the spirit of Anywhere Festival and taking it to the extreme, both by staging their production in a totally non-conventional performance space, using real life props of the relevant area and producing text that is relevant to the Ipswich area in which the production is staged.”
  • “Enchanting. Chuffed, stoked & driven to superlatives. 5 stars. The cast were superb. Loved the writing. Great direction. Another amazing and memorable site-specific performance.”

“We still can’t believe our ambitious concept this year became a reality. But thanks to some incredible support and encouragement ‘The Train Tea Society’ was everything we hoped it could be, and the steam train was the icing on the cake. We would like to dedicate this award to all the fearless and creative women out there who dare not just to dream, but to make it happen!” Gabriella Flowers (Flowers Theatre Company)


cassandraCassandra and the Boy Doll by Magnetic North Theatre Company
Where: This Must Be the Place, Fortitude Valley

Cassandra is trans. She’s transitioned, and now it’s time to put away her ‘boy doll’; her constructed male identity. Unfortunately, Cassandra is discovering that taking a scalpel to parts of your own identity is more difficult than expected.

  • “Beautifully written and masterfully handled.”
  • “The team are brave enough to tackle an issue most theatre companies would bluff their way through with painful honesty and lived experience.”
  • “Genuinely worthy in content and commanding performances, that can continue to open fuller options for transgender-journeys and non-binary lives and dialogue.”
  • “It was an amazing show that truly captured the feelings of a transwoman.”
  • “A unique show that provides viewers an opportunity to further understand the internal turmoil that the trans community can often face.”

“I’m so excited to see inclusive and queer-centred theatre being recognised as art of merit. The fact that we can make challenging performance that is also of high artistic quality is exactly what we’re all about.” Artemis Maedre (Magnetic North Theatre Company)