420 performances in 63 nooks and crannies – must be Anywhere Festival time!

Churches, gaols, underground reservoirs, rural railway stations and old skate rinks are just some of the 63 different locations for the 420 performances and events in this year’s festival of theatre, comedy, dance, music, magic, poetry and workshops.

The sixth Anywhere Festival launched on Wednesday 6th April with a record-breaking program between 5-21 May extending beyond Brisbane to Ipswich, Logan and the Sunshine Coast.

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“Anywhere Festival is a festival of performance anywhere that will take audiences into nooks and crannies they have never been before or will look at again in a completely different light,” said Paul Osuch, Founder of Anywhere Festival.

The festival has been wowing audiences young and old since the first festival in May 2011.

“It’s so unique I can’t describe it,” said Peter, an audience member at the 2015 Anywhere Festival. “There is no other festival in Brisbane or anything quite like it!”

Once again, the festival is the best of Brisbane’s local performers, with more independent Brisbane based independent performers than any other festival.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Queensland Government supported Anywhere Festival to foster a vibrant community of arts.

“Anywhere Festival is an exciting Queensland success story, a home-grown event that is spreading its wings beyond its origins in Brisbane to festivals in Mackay, Frankston (Victoria) and Parramatta (New South Wales),” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“In 2015, more than 74,300 people participated in 337 performances of 58 productions across 27 Brisbane suburbs, employing 512 artists and arts workers.

“In 2016, Anywhere Festival will extend from across Brisbane to Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast,” she said.

“We’ve always said the best way to experience performance is anywhere but a theatre and the shows and events on offer demonstrate that perfectly.” said Paul Osuch, Founder of Anywhere Festival. “And for the sake of balance we’ve also widened it out so that a couple of more traditional theatres can be part of the action this year!”

Some of the shows in more unconventional spaces include:

  • THE SPIRIT AND THE MAIDEN, acclaimed Muses Trio will launch their album inside the Boggo Road Gaol for wha may be the last performance ever inside the gaol!
  • THE TRAIN TEA SOCIETY is the new show by Flowers Theatre Company, producers of last year’s sold out The Mayne Inheritence. This year, the show takes place on the train and train platform at Swanbank Train Station
  • The Spring Hill Reservoirs will host three shows especially for Anywhere Festival: MEDIUM and FLOW, and UNDERGROUND OPERA.

For full details, interviews, photos, contact Paul Osuch direct on 0452 635 488 or paul@anywherefest.com. All media releases about shows and images will be released as it is provided to us by independent producers at the following google drive location:


Trivia / facts about Anywhere Festival

  • In 2016 Anywhere Festival is including workshops and just a few performances in traditional theatres for the very first time.
  • Since 2011, there have been 344 works presented at Anywhere Festival, including 279 World Premier works by local Brisbane artists.
  • The idea for Anywhere Festival came about because Brisbane performance makers had very limited performance opportunities in traditional theatres or were expected to pay a lot to use those space. To solve that problem we created a festival that used any space but a theatre, making it possible for local creatives to present work wherever the wanted.