The day after the Anywhere Festival Brisbane launch there is an amazing free event in Brisbane called the Rhizome: Creative Arts Symposium (19 March) and we really really really recommend you head along. Here’s why:

Tickets are FREE (and limited) and there are three very good reasons you should get along.

1. It’s a super-charged, interactive and participatory event for all Brisbane creatives where you’ll get to hear lots of amazing ideas.

2. It is also a perfect place to starting connecting with other creatives and potential audiences for your festival shows.

And the third reason? Alex McTavish and I have been shortlisted to pitch our idea to win $25,000. If it gets up it will have a huge impact on all Anywhere artists to produce work anywhere easily from start to finish, regardless of whether you are presenting work at Anywhere, another festival or as a stand alone event. I can’t say much more than that at the moment, but we think it is a very very good idea and we hope you’ll think the same.

Oh, and the winner of the $25,000 is being awarded by a vote of the audience at the pitch.  

You can book your free tickets at