Welcome to the 2019 Anywhere Festival


For the ninth year, Anywhere Festival will take temporary possession of everyday and extraordinary places across the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Brisbane to present performance anywhere but a theatre for you to enjoy.

No other festival connects audiences, locations and shows in quite the same way.

Private, commercial and council spaces are provided rent-free or at a discounted rate so that independent performance makers can take creative risks without the financial risks of presenting performance in venues for hire.

This year there’s a bumper 96 shows across all regions, and as much as it is a cliche to say, there really is something for everyone.

On behalf of everyone who makes Anywhere Festival happen – the performance makers, supporters, volunteers, hosts and financial supporters of the festival, thank you, and we urge to have a read of the inside back cover to see who has supported the festival.

Oh, and our hot tip for the festival? Be adventurous, be curious, be Anywhere.

From Festival Director Paul Osuch and the Anywhere Festival team: Sunshine Coast Festival Director Nycole Prowse, Noosa Festival Director Toni Wills and Creative Producer Tim Monley.

A message from the Arts Minister


I’m delighted to welcome you to this year’s Anywhere Festival, one of Queensland’s most vibrant and innovative arts initiatives, taking performance out of traditional theatre spaces and into surprising places.

Now in its ninth year, the Anywhere Festival is a celebration of Queensland’s diverse and exciting performing arts talent and it continues to grow from year to year. 

There is something for everyone over the 18 days of this year’s festival, from 9 to 26 May, featuring more than 400 performances, from Tanawha to Woolloongabba – taking place in heritage homes, light houses, universities, streets, backyards and more.

The festival champions collaboration, fosters strong and cohesive communities, supports emerging arts practitioners, and partners with local businesses to provide accessible theatre that engages audiences and helps us tell our uniquely Queensland stories.

The Queensland Government is proud to support the Anywhere Festival through Arts Queensland’s Organisations Fund, with additional funding for the Sunshine Coast program provided through the Queensland Arts Showcase Program.

This support is part of our commitment to the arts, recognising the role the sector plays in supporting our cultural, social and economic development and in making creativity the key to a strong future for Queensland.

Congratulations to the organisers and participants for an exciting festival lineup – I hope you enjoy exploring the program and discovering some of the best performance talent Queensland has to offer.

The Hon Leeanne Enoch MP
Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef
Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts

Message from The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of Brisbane Councillor Graham Quirk 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 2019 Anywhere Festival. Anywhere Festival began in Brisbane in 2011 and in its ninth year, continues to be the biggest performance festival of Brisbane-based independent performers.

Anywhere Festival is the brainchild of Paul Osuch and Alex McTavish, who sought to take traditional story-telling out of theatre buildings and put it back into the everyday.

In 2019, the festival will feature over 500 performances of drama, comedy, music, dance, poetry, immersive theatre and circus, and demonstrates the breadth and depth of talent in Brisbane. Over the last nine years, over 540 businesses and home owners have offered their spaces to performers to present performances anywhere.

Brisbane is a great place to live, work, and relax. It is a safe, vibrant, green and prosperous city, valued for its friendly and optimistic character and enjoyable subtropical lifestyle. Brisbane City Council is committed to creating more lifestyle and leisure opportunities with more things to see and do.

More leisure opportunities mean exciting events and vibrant local markets, with better facilities and venues for all ages to enjoy, and Anywhere Festival is just one of the tens-of- thousands of markets, festivals and events held in Brisbane each and every year. Enjoy!

Yours sincerely
Graham Quirk

Message from the Mayor of Sunshine Coast Council

The Anywhere Festival is now in its third year and Sunshine Coast Council is delighted to support this growing event.

The Festival provides a platform that brings together local business, performers, residents and visitors alike to visit spaces on the Sunshine Coast in a new and enlightening way.

This event supports independent creative endeavours and contributes to a healthy, smart, creative Sunshine Coast community.

I encourage everyone to get out and discover new venues, unexpected locations and enjoy what our talented local performers and producers have to offer.

Councillor Mark Jamieson

Message from Noosa Mayor

Once again, Noosa Council is pleased to be able to support Anywhere Festival in 2019.

This festival not only dissolves the proverbial “fourth wall” between the audience and performers, it also does away with the other three walls of conventional theatre. By liberating performance from the traditional auditorium, the Anywhere Festival reminds us that live performance is one of the more malleable forms of creative arts. It can readily adapt to its surrounding environment.

Of course there is much historical precedence to this approach. In the Middle Ages, groups of wandering players would simply perform in the middle of the street or at makeshift stages in open public spaces. Arguably, the modern approach of constraining theatre to specially designed buildings has robbed this artform of its universality and broad appeal.

Thankfully, Anywhere Festival is a reminder that live theatre has deeply egalitarian roots. This year’s program will find performances occurring across the shire, from the Noosa Everglades, down to Peregian Beach and out into the hinterland.

And, speaking of egalitarianism, Anywhere Festival encourages both experienced and novice performers and producers to “have a go”.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to this brave, idealistic and very surprising festival. May it continue to grow and prosper.

Councillor Tony Wellington