2019 Anywhere Awards…

The Anywhere Awards celebrate the truly outstanding mind shaking experiences at Anywhere Festival.

It is not just about fantastic shows: it is about fantastic shows that have taken the concept of Anywhere and shown what is possible.

The Anywhere Awards are a combination of audience votes, comments with contributions from the Anywhere Festival team, reviewers, photographers and representatives from partner organisations. This is to ensure an outstanding show with a capacity of 5 has the same chance as one with a capacity of 100.

This year eleven Anywhere Awards were announced as well as five shows that reviewers and the Anywhere Festival team felt deserved honorable mentions.

Anywhere Awards

Jane Austen presented but 3b Creative
@ Buderim Girl Guides Hut

SUNCENTRAL ANYWHERE AWARD providing two weeks rehearsal space. 

“Showcased exceptional local talent in every area of theatre, acting, directing and production. And all this in an ordinary, tiny, under-the-house setting.  The production was simple with seamless movement between scenes, dealt with timeless and current issue, was playful at times but dark, threatening and distressingly sad at others.  An enriching experience and I could go a second time as I’m sure it had even more to communicate.” Audience Member 

Flood presented by Emma Lamberton + Brie Jurss
@ University of Queensland Great Court

“This show was amazing and honestly exactly what Anywhere is about! The venue provided the perfect atmosphere and I felt like I was camping along with the team – props to the production crew for incorporating camp chairs, blankets and bean bags as the audience seating. The actors were the perfect ensemble, no one took over and everyone had their moment to shine. I am still thinking about it a week later :)”

Titanic: The Movie, The Play presented by Act/React
@ Queensland Maritime Museum


Brisbane City Council Anywhere Award. We though it worthy not just because of the audience votes, but because this Award winner was ambitious in audience size, and put a marketing budget to fit. It also had a rent free and venue supportive venue with a theme that meant this production couldn’t have been anywhere else. Audiences loved the use of space, the movement through the space and use of objects already in the space. The winner of the first Anywhere Award is

Hold My Beer presented by Half/Hitch
@ The End and Bloodhound

This winner came across as a fully realised piece on the first night. Where many shows have used a similar performance space because it has the potential to be the next best thing to a theatre, this group created a show that needed to be in that place to make sense. It kept the audience involved with the fourth wall thrown out the window, or more precisely, probably having a drink at the bar. 

Ariadne presented by BYTES Theatre Company
@ Bellingham Maze

Super complex. Looped 4 times every half hour. In a maze. Audience carried the lighting. Guided by lanterns by people who didn’t speak. Had a choice of endings. Enjoys the danger of Anywhere. Totally built from the space. Brilliant use of space. incredible planning to get all entries and exits/timing correct. Youth acting very skilled. Exceptional haunting location. Very Anywhere – site responsive and immersive for the audience- guided through the maze to reveal the story.

Gumtree Orgy presented by Lady Beard & Co.
@ Spring Hill Metropolitan


“Honestly it was incredible. It was funny to begin with and successfully transitioned into a hard hitting, meaningful piece (all inside the room of a motel). I was absolutely emotionally invested throughout the whole thing, I was totally hooked. The acting was brilliant, the writing was brilliant, everything to brilliant. I totally loved it and would even love to see it again in the future. 10/10 best performance I have ever seen.” Audience member 

Whiplash presented by Scott Wings
@ Concept, Fortitude Valley

“It was an absolutely excellent, engaging piece on masculinity that I ended up seeing twice because it was so much fun. I felt it was of the most important pieces of performance art I’ve seen in a long time” Audience Member

“I spent the evening and following days processing how so many layers of the show resonated with me in different ways. Scott managed to create a sense of community within the room, and I left feeling more reminded of the normalcy of my own anxieties and thought processes.” Audience Member

In Flight Entertainment presented by Riley Cope Creative
@  Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra


“This show was both hilarious and incredible. You could tell a huge amount of personal effort was put into both the script and the setting.  Original songs and popular musical songs were completely adapted to fit the theme and audience. The performers were completely absorbed into their characters creating an experience that both the audience and performers clearly enjoyed immensely. They transformed the aircraft hanger into an unsuspecting stage area, used the space perfectly and was very in tune with the needs of the audience to provide a perfect ‘in flight’ simulation but also provide submersible lighting and a stage so that all could see and enjoy. It was so incredible it completely sold the Anywhere experience.” Audience member 

The Nest presented by Chance Collective
@ Concept, Fortitude Valley

“Brilliant use of space. Highly effective exploration of theme. Movement was highly specific and energized. Atmospheric use of sound. Creative set and costume design. Beautiful imagery. Merged western performance art styles with Japanese butoh dance theatre.” Audience Member

The Secret Garden presented by Red Robin Entertainment
@ Veggie Village Community Garden, Peregian Beach


“The adaptation to our Australian heritage & culture using an interactive theatre in a garden was so entertaining.  It evoked the nostalgia one feels when they come across their favourite novel but so cleverly adapted like the director & cast managed to do, captivating the entire audience.” Audience Member

Taxidermy Grandma presented by Gabe Francis
@ Concept, Fortitude Valley

“Taxidermy Grandma addressed issues that are rarely covered in live theatre. Topics were approached artistically and sensitively, the audience felt an intimate connection with the unfolding dilemma that eventually effect us all. ” Audience member.

Honorable Mentions

Contact presented by Cycles in Sync
@ Private Residence, Woolloongabba

“Amazing that within minutes of the show opening, we were transported from the underneath of a suburban home to a space ship in the future…it held us so well we completely forgot where we were. The movement, use of lights, theatre in the round, tiny eloquent spaces used for different purposes to such great effect, it was stunning. An energetic, passionate group of young performers who were so professional, gripped their roles with fervour and deep intimacy. Just excellent theatre.” Audience Member

There’s Something in My Shoes presented by Fiona Bryant and Co.
@Vandy’s Garage, Buderim

“Skill, creativity and collaboration of the artists- presenting something that educates, moves and creates understanding.” Audience Member

Within A Fleeting Moment presented by Interim Theatre
@ the QA hotel, New Farm

“This show was magical!!! The immersive theatre concept certainly does what it suggests we all became so involved in the storyline that we forgot we were actually at the theatre. The touching letters the many photos the secret wardrobe the accuracy & authenticity of the documents & the stunning actress’s performance made this such a believable piece that drew each of us in. We laughed & we cried & the many memories it provoked made this show no 1 for me.” Audience Member

Poetry at the Lighthouse presented by Ben Burns
@ Caloundra Lighthouses

“The venue and the idea to do poetry at it and related to its history.  This night put us in a place, with each other, together, and connected to each other and the lighthouse history through the reflections of the poet.  Brilliant and thoughtful giving.” Audience Member

Be Our Witness presented by Ritual Theatre
@ Cupo, Fortitude Valley

“Anywhere Festival allows you to break conventions. Because you and your audience aren’t in a traditional theatre, we all know that anything could go. The line between reality and fiction is blurred and for me, no other show managed this balancing act to such a degree that people in the audience were unsure when they should leave and if they should clap.” Paul Osuch

Highway of Lost Hearts presented by Minola theatre
@ Seven Hills Hub

“As a passive audience member, it’s really something to get so caught up in a performance that you can feel your very breath and pulse in perfect sync with the performer. And to know she in turn is channeling someone else’s words and life – every step and smile and cathartic howl of it – with the same 1:1 clarity. On a night that would have been otherwise spent fretting over incoming election results, was an absolute privilege to disappear so completely into another life for 70 minutes.” Audience Member