2016 Anywhere Festival – almost anything anywhere!

There is now under two months to register for 2016 Anywhere Festival, a festival of discovery within the secret and not so secret nooks and crannies of Brisbane from Thursday 5 May to Saturday 21 May 2016.

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The festival has grown over five years to 74,316 attendees at 337 performances in 27 suburbs by over 500 local independent artists anywhere but a theatre.

Next year there is a twist.

“We wanted to do something that would further encourage collaboration between different sectors and satiate the desire out there for visitors to feel like an insider and for locals to rediscover nooks and crannies of Brisbane they forgot existed.” said Paul Osuch, Co-founder of Anywhere Festival.

Instead of only performances anywhere but a theatre, 2016 Anywhere Festival is opening up for any events and activities that explores the nooks and crannies of Brisbane.

Events and activities could include exhibitions, concerts, markets, walking tours, open houses, restaurant evenings, film screenings, workshops, sport events and performances in established theatres and venues.

“Yes, this is the first year that performances in established venues and theatres can be part of Anywhere Festival,” said Paul.

The theme of Anywhere in 2016 is “Discovery” and the focus is still very much on connecting, performers, businesses and audiences in the places people work live and play.

“Performance in the nooks and crannies is what makes this festival incredible,” said Paul. “It is vital to be inclusive and we want local independent producers to see everything as a possibility. This gives creatives the best chance of setting up a sustainable career and creating a vibrant festival that is still uniquely Anywhere.”

Year on year, Anywhere Festival is also a favourite with those presenting events.

“It offers the most supportive festival environment I’ve worked in.” said Lola Montgomery”, producer and performer in 2015 Anywhere Festival. “You feel supported and as though you are part of a company rather than the usual fringe deal where you are on your own every step of the way.”

Businesses, organisers, producers and artists can register interest until 14 December for any event happening within Brisbane City Limits between 5-21 May.

Participants who register interest have until 28 February 2016 to confirm event details for the program.

The festival is open access but limited in size so inclusion will be based on first come first serve basis.

For interviews, photos or further information, contact Paul Osuch direct on paul {@} anywherefest.com or 07 3102 4683