2015 Frankston Anywhere Festival Program Revealed!

“Shed any preconceived ideas you may have of going to the theatre as this vibrant festival turns these expectations on their heads!” Concrete Playground

It’s back! Performance anywhere but a theatre returns to the local nooks and crannies of Frankston when Frankston Anywhere Festival returns for its second year from 21 August to 6 September!

The full program was revealed 1pm Thursday 16 July on Well Street, Frankston.

Expect over 100 performances including world premiere shows in skate parks, shop fronts, malls, car parks, cafes, heritage homes, markets and barbers.

There will be drama in someone’s home, comedy with a hair cut, a shopping tour of Wells Street, dance in a shop window and much much more .

This year the festival program – supported by Frankston City Council – also introduces audiences to local ongoing community attractions and events in Frankston.

Some of the many highlights include:

  • FMZ (Funny With Zombies) features a carload of drama performed in a carpark, written, directed and produced by local teenagers and presented by FAC Arts Access
  • The Butterfly Surgeons features the Get Out! ensemble performing “butterfly surgery” on volunteer patients at various locations around Frankston
  • Frankston Arts Centre, Yellow Wheel and LYDT bring The Golden Age / In Transit, a new dance work in a very cool but still secret location.
  • Window Shopping Walking Tours with Dash and D’Bree as the Australia Got Talent survivors take you on a tour (quite literally) through the shopping centre of Frankston.
  • A mini comedy festival in several different cafes, barbers and pubs including Good ShowAlso-Ran and the evocatively titled Is That A Burrito in Your Pocket Or Are you Just Happy You Have a Burrito? and Paul Culliver is the Best Newcomer.

“What rocks about Anywhere Theatre Festival is that it appeals to anyone who wants something exciting and different. People come who aren’t regular theatre goers as well as theatre goers that are looking for something more than the regular experience,” said Paul Osuch, Co-Founder of Anywhere Festival.

”It also appeals to anyone who wants to explore the nooks and crannies of Frankston and wanted an excuse to do so.”

Paul said Frankston had a lot of well known locations across the city but they would also be working with a lot of small businesses.

“Small businesses are the backbone of any community, and what Anywhere Festival does is provide a new way for businesses to interact with the community and attract new customers at the same time.

Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston is supported by Frankston City Council.

“We welcome opportunities for residents and visitors to take a look at Frankston through fresh eyes. And with more than 125,000 patrons attending performances at the Frankston Arts Centre every year, it is apparent that Frankston City’s reputation as a hub for arts and culture is growing every day. The Anywhere Festival takes this thirst for performing arts onto our streets.” said Frankston City Mayor, Cr Sandra Mayer.

In Brisbane, the festival in Brisbane has rocketed in a few years from 25 productions to over 400 performances over 27 suburbs with an innovative approach to performance – using any space but a theatre.

“One of the keys is that we bring businesses, performers, audiences and council together,” said Paul.

“Performers get rent free spaces, businesses get new customers to their door, audiences get to see great performances at a great price and explore their town’s nooks and crannies.” said Paul.

“This Festival will activate spaces that traditionally lay dormant and provide great opportunities for our local businesses and artistic performers. This Festival will further enhance Frankston City’s reputation as a leader in performing arts,” said MAYOR

Anywhere Festival was recognised by Qantas Travel Insider as one of the “Top Nine International Festivals You Must See!” in 2012.

At it’s core, the festival is about providing an approach that makes it easier for independent producers to produce work in a sustainable way while providing an amazing experience for audiences.

“We’re tired of performers always being at the bottom of the financial food chain and this festival is about showing there is a different way to produce work than waiting for a slot in a theatre and blowing any box office on venue rental and technicals,” said Paul.

Shows are all reasonably priced (with some free performances as well) but you do need to book for almost all shows, so head to the web site at www.anywherefest.com or call 03 9013 6443 to find out more and start planning your calendar for 21 August to 6 September for the inaugural Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston.

For media enquiries, interviews, photos, please contact Paul Osuch on paul {@} anywherefest.com or 0452 635 488

Frankston Anywhere Festival in 50 Words

Anywhere Festival hits Frankston 21 August to 6 September with performances of comedy, music, drama and a few things we can’t even describe yet in the nooks and crannies of Frankston. Full program launched on 16 July and you can find all the details at www.anywherefest.com or the usual social media.

Frankston Anywhere Festival in 200 Words

Anywhere Festival hits Frankston 21 August to 6 September with performances of comedy, music, drama and a few things we can’t even describe yet in the nooks and crannies of Frankston City Limits, proudly supported by Frankston City Council.

Check out burlesque in a bar, dance in a shop front, music in a cafe or say goodbye to winter with an afternoon of activities for the whole family at a heritage house.

Prices for all shows are very reasonable with most shows inside to ensure that even though the weather may be variable, the shows will go on.

Last year, the inaugural Frankston Anywhere Festival featured 72 performances of 19 productions. This year expect even more fun shows in many place to explore throughout Frankston City Council.

“We have LOVED the shows we have seen. This festival is one of the best things to come to Frankston. Don’t get me wrong, we get lots of good stuff, but this is such a brilliant sampler of the arts. It’s fantastic!” – Andrea – 2014 Anywhere Festival attendee. 

The Anywhere Theatre Festival in Brisbane is recognised as one of the “Top Nine International Festivals You Must See!” (Qantas Travel Insider)

Full program launched on 16 July and you can find all the details at www.anywherefest.com or the usual social media.

Where the idea came from

The idea for the Festival came about when the world famous Lord of the Rings actor Sir Ian McKellen was unable to find a venue in Brisbane during his 2010 Australian tour of Waiting for Godot.

Co-Founder Paul Osuch reasoned that if McKellan had trouble finding a traditional theatre space in Brisbane there was no doubt many other performers and therefore potential audiences are missing out on engaging in community theatre

For the first three years the Festival was run by the two co-founders Paul Osuch and Alexandra McTavish, with project funding from Arts Queensland

In 2013, Anywhere Theatre Festival successfully applied for triennial funding from Arts Queensland and in between September 2014 and May 2015 also launched Anywhere Festival in Frankston, Mackay and Central Queensland and Parramatta.

Frankston Anywhere Festival was the first Anywhere Festival outside of Brisbane to be launched are now very excited that Frankston City Council is hosting the Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston in 2014.