2013 Festival (Brisbane)

The 2013 Anywhere Theatre Festival is over {sob} and we wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who supported the festival: all show creators and their teams on and off stage, partners, venues, reviewers, photographers, media, people who talked about the festival and everyone who watched, listened and took part. Thank you!

We’d particularly like to thank Arts Queensland for contributing financially, without which, the festival would not have happened.

There were 50 productions, 39 of which were world premieres by local emerging and independent producers, making Anywhere Theatre Festival one of the major outlets for the development and presentation of new performances in Queensland in just three years.

More tickets were sold this year than were available in the previous two years with the same number of productions. This is amazing for the artists involved because it means the attendance rate remained at 75% and more box office went straight to the producers and performers presenting in the festival.

If you didn’t get a chance to get involved this year, or want to relive the experience, head to the reviews of just about every show in the 2013 Anywhere Theatre Festival or check out the show photography. Photographs reproduced here taken by the amazingly talented Birgit Willadsen, Peter Cabral, Gillian van Niekerk, Amanda Dean, Lynette Letic, Peter Bang, Darwin Frame, Jessica Horner, Stuart Hirth, Krystal Beazley and Tim Smith.

To give you a taste, we’ve included a tiny tiny tiny tiny sample from the last couple of days – click on the image to find out the show name.

GALLERY OF ALL 2013 Anywhere Theatre Festival programme images