2012 Festival (Brisbane)

Between 10 – 19 May you’d have found new plays in alleys, puppets in bars, cabaret in warehouses, comedy in your home and office and performances you could have been a part of online from Texas to London, Hamilton to Toowoomba.

Major Festival Partners were:
Queensland Government, Brisbane Marketing, State Library of Queensland, Oblong + Sons, Northshore and Queensland Rail.

Interesting facts

1. How two part time volunteers organised a festival with more performances of theatre than Brisbane Festival or the World Theatre Festival
The 2012 Anywhere Theatre Festival had over 50 productions and 200 performances meaning it had more productions and performances than Brisbane Festival. Even more surprising is that this is only the festival’s second year and it is run by a husband and wife team in their spare time.

2. The Brisbane Theatre Festival that opens up performances to the world!
The 2012 Anywhere Theatre Festival was the only festival that encourages international performers to stay in their home county and perform online for Brisbane performances and encourages Brisbane performers to go online to make their performances available worldwide.

3. Three unique theatre festivals made Brisbane a global destination
Anywhere Theatre Festival is already the major fringe festival in Brisbane and add to the growing sense that Brisbane is where exciting performance happens (Anywhere Theatre Festival, World Theatre Festival, Brisbane Festival)

Interesting facts on performances

1. Can a play be performed 50 times in ten days? Sarah Reinking and her team attempted to perform “Got 5?” fifty times during the festival.

2. A FIVE DAY Theatrical production?
Something Perfectly Innocent was a FIVE DAY theatrical performance over social media and mobile photography. Oh, did we mention that the production of The Three Tweetle Pigs will run for TEN DAYS?

3. Theatre to de-stress workers during peak hour
You could follow The Three Tweetle Pigs on twitter while you commuted to work, watch a short play or some gothic divas (or just join us on the ferries to find out what was coming up on any given day).

4. Theatre Anywhere… even your home!
If you didn’t want to get out of your pj’s to see some theatre in the city then in 2012 anyone in Brisbane could select from a number of performances to come to their home or office, including Tessa Waters’ Sexytime! direct from the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

5. What happens when Shakespeare meets Star Wars?
Bard Wars: A Shakespearean Soap Opera is what.

6. Anywhere Theatre Festival and QTC teamed up for a NightGarden
In May you’d have found a range of anywhere festival performances in the nooks and crannies of QTC’s NightGarden.

Bite Sized Facts

1. Festival launched 3 April

2. Brisbane does it first! The 2012 Anywhere Theatre Festival is the only fringe festival in the world for performance anywhere but a theatre.

3. Already the biggest performance festival in Brisbane. The 2012 Anywhere Theatre Festival has over 50 productions and 200 performances already confirmed meaning it has more productions and performances than Brisbane Festival.

4. Attracting interstate and international acts. The 2012 Anywhere Theatre Festival features 6 companies from the U.K., Two from the U.S., one from New Zealand, Tunisia and France.

5. Brisbane proves it has a depth of untapped talent. Recognised companies such as Queensland Theatre Company and Circa Presents mix with independent and up and coming companies.

6. A theatre festival with performances on Twitter. A mix of international and local performances from streamed international performances to interactive augmented realities.

7. A Brisbane festival from the Sunshine Coast to Perth. Performance locations range from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast and across to Perth.

8. A two person volunteer team producing the biggest festival in Brisbane. The festival is organised by a core husband and wife team over evenings and weekends with financial contribution from Arts Queensland.

9. Theatre Anywhere – even in your house! This year theatre anywhere will be taken to the extreme with performances you can book to come to your home or office! Other performances happening in elevators, parks, city cats (tbc).

10. A Brisbane idea to the world. The purpose is to bring fringe festival to everyone, especially to places with a lack of theatres. We are already discussing how the festival can move to regional centres and other states.

11. International institutions want to know how we do it! Since the 2011 festival we have been asked to advise on how to do theatre anywhere and have an invitation from the Milan Commissioner of Culture to talk as they prepare for their 2015 Universal Expo.

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