Romeo & Juliet & Friends

Presented by Pastiche Theatre Collective

“Better than ‘Shakespeare In Love'” – Queen Elizabeth I

We try so hard to find someway to relate Shakespeare’s plays to our modern lives. Whether it’s setting it in a high school, gender bending, working in a feminist agenda (we’re looking at you ‘Taming of the Shrew’) or whatever else has been done in the past few decades.

It’s almost become edgy to just do Shakespeare ‘as is’ considering all the adaptions floating around.

That being said… this show will be an adaption…Ok, stay with us…Maybe ‘adaption’ isn’t the best word, its more of an exploration. We want to figure out why we feel the need to keep changing the text.

What better play to do that with than possibly the most well known story to date. Even if you haven’t seen a performance or read Romeo and Juliet, you probably have a decent grasp on the story.

Right off the bat we are told how the play ends, so the challenge is to keep the audience interested in the mean time. It’s a great parallel for Shakespeare’s works in general – most people are already familiar with them, so what are we going to do to make OUR show different? Thus the desire to adapt.

Lets take Romeo and Juliet, dress it right up and then strip it back down. What will it look like when we’re finished? Who the heck knows!


60 mins