Plasticity (CANCELLED)

Undone Theatre Collective

the quality of being easily shaped or moulded

Unfortunately, the producer of this show has withdrawn from the festival.

Glitter and open-cut wounds. Dirt and shattered bronzer. Ingrown hairs or eyelash extensions. Grass stains. Blood stains. You try to make a decision that doesn’t make you a woman but options are limited. You try not to be aggressive but you’re angry. Tales of our discomfort, heartache and revelry are recounted to you as we delve into the identities we have been allocated and those we have made.

We do not believe in the gender binary. We believe that gender is a social construct, designed to keep existing power structures in place. But to what extent must we embrace gender roles in order to deconstruct them?

A piece by Madeleine Border, Kate Fester, Maddi Römcke, Yazmin Stinson and Honor Webster-Mannison.


60 mins


240 Montague Road, West End QLD 4101
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Mappins Nursery+Aquarium


Thu, 10 May; Sat, 12 May; Sun, 13 May; Mon, 14 May; Thu, 17 May; Sat, 19 May; Sun, 20 May; Mon, 21 May