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Apply by 21 February to be part of the first ever "Backyard Anywhere" season in the Brisbane, Noosa and Sunshine Coast Anywhere Theatre Festival running 10-27 May 2018.

Backyard Anywhere is a new part of Anywhere Theatre Festival for anyone who wants to do a small one off music gig, workshop, play readings or performance of any kind without the pressure of it being a "premiere" at a festival.

The performance must be anywhere but a theatre, It can be unticketed or a free performance. It can be a trial of a new idea you don't think is quite ready for its big reveal yet.

This is the chance to experiment with NO registration fee while getting an audience beyond friends and family.

Backyard Anywhere events will be listed on the Anywhere web site for people to get details and buy tickets and may be selected for the print program. There is no registration fee to be part of "Backyard Anywhere".

If you have any questions or issues, email us

It's now time to get your listing in shape for the 2018 Anywhere Theatre Festival print and online program.

A few things to note.

1. Check out the Program / Box Office section of the Producer Pack for tips and tricks.

2. The system will time out if you take too long filling this out between saves. You'll be fine to walk away and make a cup of tea, but maybe not two and a trawl through your Facebook feed.

3. You will be given a chance to sign off your online and print listing.

4. Not all information entered here will be visible when you preview. Particularly if you are performing in several locations as only one will be shown. All listings will be tweaked. These will all be tweaked after the deadline to ensure everything looks schmicko.


For hints and tips on editing your details and getting them ready for the 21 February deadline, click here. If you have any issues, email us

And On We Go...

About You

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This is the text that will be your online listing. We recommend taking the snappy elements from your print program and then adding more things that don't fit in the 50 word program entry - quotes, reviews, link to a youtube video, etc.
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Proposed Dates, Times for Venue 1 (Main Venue)

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Enter the dates you would like to perform or that your venue is available. Anywhere Theatre Festival runs 10-27 May 2018

Proposed Dates, Times for Venue 2 (If required)

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Do people need to dress warmly? Is it BYO? Is it an accessible location? Select all that apply...
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The best way to make sure you and the venue are on the same page, is to complete a venue agreement. Head to the Venues+locations section of the Producer pack to download our template
The best way to make sure you and the venue are on the same page, is to complete a venue agreement. Head to the Venues+locations section of the Producer pack to download our template

Ticket Prices

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